Installation Notes

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This page is intended for Tutorial participants who would like to setup an own environment with Radical-Pilot, SAGA-Hadoop and the Hadoop/Spark tools.

Anaconda (with Python2)


pip install --upgrade saga-hadoop



  • Download binary version of Spark 1.5.1 and install next to HDP:

  • Local:

      $ brew install apache-spark 
      $ /usr/local/Cellar/apache-spark/1.5.2/libexec/sbin/


The Hadoop integration is not part of the current Radical-Pilot 0.37 release and needs to be installed from dedicated package (Status 11/13/2015). To setup an Anaconda environment use the following steps:

conda create -y -p python2 python=2.7 
source activate python2

Radical-Pilot Tutorial Package:

pip install --upgrade radical.pilot.sc15

Optional for Multiuser: Jupyterhub:

Web page: Installation:

Install node:

/opt/anaconda/bin/conda create --name python2 python=2
/opt/anaconda/bin/conda create --name python3 python=3

source /opt/anaconda/bin/activate python3
pip install jupyterhub
mkdir $HOME/jupyterhub
cd $HOME/jupyterhub
jupyterhub --generate_config

su root
cd /root/jupyterhub
source activate python3
nohup jupyterhub -f &

Install Python2 kernel:

source /opt/anaconda/bin/activate root
/opt/anaconda/bin/python -m IPython kernelspec install-self

PAM issue:

Configurations: Jupyterhub Config

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