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amp (3.9.0) - 2009-10-26
improve embedded amp_tasks Rakefile to work
convert amp repo to git
improve deployment to bounce apache across all servers
dispatcher includes 404.php directly rather than sending 404 back to apache ( allows posting to /custom scripts )
add captcha to prevent spam on faq.php
blog class articles can turn comments off
commenting period can expire
clean up article slug mgmt. code
add basic script/object ban to comments
add AMP_image_url method in place of AMP/Content/Image class
add javascript for unique route slugs
hide redirect aliasing feature when pretty urls are in effect
better image selector for massive image collections
factor Content_Image class out of use
allows use of ReCaptcha by setting RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY
allow storing images by folder
override UDM form definitions via the custom folder form[modin.].xml
use new DIA-php client library
removed punbb, phplist support, and gallery2 from codebase
amp (3.8.0) - 2008-10-28
-- pretty urls
AMP articles and sections may now be directly accessed via plain string names, such as "economy". This change must be enabled by RD staff, requires a change to each site's apache configuration, and is only available for sites using the 3.8 content libraries.
-- google xml site maps
help google know about all your sections and articles by pointing them to xml_sitemap.php
-- Blogs: Trackbacks
amp blogs now support trackbacks. You can enable this under system settings. Unless you are using the Akismet comment spam reduction service on your site, it is recommended that you convert to moderated comments mode, as trackback spam is a known problem.
-- Be able to send admins email when comments are added on a page.
To make your life in moderated comments mode easier, AMP will now send you email whenever you get a new comment. This means you can approve it quickly and your site feels responsive for users.
-- UDM Checkbox bug
you can now un-check a checkbox on a custom form submission when viewing it from the admin side.
-- List Sections when bulk-deleting
When deleting sections from the section list, the warning popup will include the names of all the sections you are about to blow away.
-- object error appears over embeded in IE6
IE6 users will have a nicer time viewing youtube embeds in AMP.
-- stop allowing sections to be set to have themselves as their parent -- this causes AMP to stop displaying the section.Yeah, we can fix that.
-- re-locate the css for tag clouds to default_styles.css
tag cloud dynamic css can now be turned off
-- we need a way to delete faq questions in AMP -- system/faq.php?action=list
This was a permission problem -- a global fix has been published.
-- Change CSS of UDM's: lists should be wrapped in id-based div, use udm id instead of udm title (titles have spaces) for lists, searchforms, etc
-- removed region/class display from search.php
-- Updated Wysiwyg editor to newest version, added anchor tool
this fixes a xinha/firefox3 bug that made strange characters appear at the end of articles.
-- make search.php/404's throw a 404 response header
this prevents googlebot from trying to crawl your search page
amp (3.7.5) - 2008-07-09
Blocked Upload_popup due to security abuses
improved url escaping for share/tell-a-friend module
related.js works for related data with no field prefix
mega-uploader should show a speed increase due to removal of a pause from upload cycle
upgraded prototype js framework to 1.6
included secure content among the criteria for cacheability of pages
added default housing_display_ methods for offering and requesting housing via a udm
added udm plugin for saving data to yaml format
added some css snazz to selected rows on the system interface
wrote a build script in capistrano
modified Connections/dataactions to use $dbcon->qstr
added utility functions for translating a pretty url to include controller files and vars
added dispatch.php, which responds to a value q_url -> dispatch.php?q_url=/articles/140. this is an enabler for pretty urls. breadcrumb does not work with this format yet
modified a lot of front-end controllers to properly escape their database calls with $dbcon->qstr, and check integer values from the $_GET array with intval().
amp (3.7.4) - 2007-12-29
(more info on these can be found in the attached PDF)
3.8 Content Displays
Override Methods for Sections
Logic Setup
simple enabling
Image Details in article.php
Display in 3.8
v2 displays
Lists by Tag
Articles Badge
badge usage
Badge options
default nav-style method
Content Rating
Nav usage
youtube thumbnail grabber
search.php assumes all words are required when no boolean operators are included
nav_widget.php now includes any javascripts assigned by the nav to the header
site map format override
Default Nav Layout for Articles, falls back to Standard Layout
Comment spam:
akismet comment checking
Form spam protection:
Can now unpublish forms for data entry
Form Security: honeypot field
Calendar Events allow Search by Distance
Breadcrumb can now be templated with a custom method
Can set default comment status to draft
Can set images per row in gallery display
Default Date Format is configurable
passwords are now hashed in DB, validation happens without the original password
RD: use server script login_link.php for support logins, login_link_user.php for lost passwords
sections have custom fields, configurable by xml
setting up custom fields walkthru
list of form config options
Gallery Images now sort by the assigned list order
Unpublished Galleries and Gallery Images no longer display on gallery.php
Gallery doesn't die when a registered image fails to load
/system/sendfax_edit saves changes again
Cant select current gallery as its own parent
Comments belonging to deleted articles can be edited
Hotwords can be edited again
System-side find articles by date is corrected
and many other things for which there is no English equivalent
Removing all tags from a form now possible for tagged forms
amp (3.7.1) - 2007-04-30
badged content ( we love badges )
page limit and image for class lists ( per Margot request )
flat file caching for apache ( must be turned on in conf.d )
media fields in articles - check out the Docs and Image tab
new front end search.php - searches by text or publication date
3 column udm displays, 2/3 column article lists
Harm Calendar mods, bunch of new Calendar/UDM integration stuff
- this stuff puts us in range to roll UFPJ and IV back onto our trunk calendar code
amp (3.7.0) - 2007-03-02
The 3.7 series is notable for its introduction of section-based permissioning in the admin-side interface. Permission groups ( not including the default 'admin' and 'all permissions' groups ) now have an option of setting section-by-section permissioning. This is useful if you want to give some users permission to edit and publish only content in particular sections.
Calendar Update
Sites using the AMP default calendar system will find the front and backend interfaces have been refreshed. It is now possible to search for events by state, by year, or by month. More features should be available on this calendar as we receive user input.
Action Center
Some users were reporting problems with spammers hijacking their Action Center forms. This form has now been captcha'd.
Flashmap Widget
it is now possible to embed a flashmap on any page using javascript. Just set the script src = '' (whatever map id # )
Backend Image Search:
this search was failing for terms that had no prefacing characters ( ie, searching for "bed" brought back "my_bed.jpg" but not "bedtime.jpg )
amp (3.6.2) - 2006-10-05
Really *nifty* new image cropper
Tags -- bulk tagging for articles and form data from admin list pages
-- Filter articles by tag by adding (&tag=[tag_id] ) to urls for article.php
-- cloud nav for tags installed ( called Tag Cloud )
Image Upload page now returns to upload form instead of list
Image list page now allows for search by image name
UDM display Search Form can now include "name" element to search user names
"Alternate image upload" page now is a popup with a progress bar
Saving template or css or custom files now returns you to the edit screen instead of going back to the list
UDM import now active ( Note: this won't work for plugin data -- it was too darn slow ).
Nav Layout Editor now displays correctly in IE
Stylesheet editor was dying after save: corrected
UDM display pager appearance is now CSS controllable
we are changing to a time-expired login credential. This means that even if you close your browser, someone can gain access to your AMP account unless you have explicitly logged out. Standard logout time is 12 hours.
I have given up on the multi-fetch-menu-caching strategy for the system side. This means larger page downloads, but we should have 100% reliable system menu access again.
we are continuing to debug the memcache issues -- we believe they are related to the php memcache pecl library.
our db server is really showing a lot of strain and this morning we saw some significant failures. We will be transferring this to a dedicated server as soon as it is ready.
amp (3.6.1) - 2006-09-22
Most importantly, Tags.
We hope to eventually extend tagging to every part of AMP.
In this release, you will be able to tag both articles and form records.
To tag an article, check out the 'Other Tags' section of the Add Article page.
To tag a form record, you must first register the Tags/Start plugin under the form settings.
Then you should be able to add tag records from that form.
You can access your tags on the front-end by going to your_site_url/tag.php.
You should also be able to search by tag if your form display pages include a search form.
You will have to edit the Output/SearchForm plugin configuration to include 'tag' in the Field Order if it isn't there already.
We have added additional search options to the administrative interface.
You may now search by tag or for Front Page or New articles.
You may also relate articles to new sections in bulk, using the article_list interface.
Other new options for articles include 'List Thumbnail Only',
an option for images where the selected image does not show up in the body of the article, but only on the listing page.
Also for those of you who are tired of typing out redirect links, you can now click a checkbox beneath the document selector to have an article link directly to a document on your site.
As you know, we have been dealing with ongoing issues with an advanced memory cache we included in the last build.
This has led to failures in a number of places, but most visibly in the system menu.
We hope that the new system menu will be much more stable.
We have been manually clearing and restart our system-wide cache whenever it acted up for about a month.
AMP will now automatically restart the cache.
article_submit and comments add pages should now be working again.
redirects that were adding an & character should now stop doing that
amp (3.5.15) - 2006-08-02
This build is mostly adjustments to improve the experience of users with Internet Explorer. 3.5.14 had IE-incompatible CSS resulting in the 'missing menu' problem when the Flash was displayed. It also had a form-parsing issue that resulted in new articles being created every time an article was edited in IE only.
We still need help tracking down the logout bug. Please keep notes whenever you are logged out unexpectedly, so that we can try to replicate this issue reliably. Issues with the System Menu should be resolved, however we are still dealing with a server-level issue about the reliability of our memcache service.
This build includes more explicit error tracking for both memcache and redirects.
We have also added tabs to the bottom of the Article_Edit page at the suggestion of Kali, whose email address i don't have.
Also in this Build -- you can now create partial XML overrrides for the System Menu, the System Navs, or any system form.
instead of overriding all of AMP/Content/Article/Fields.xml because corpwatch wants their 'Do not show date' checkbox auto-unchecked, for example, we can create a small file in /corpwatch/public_html/lib/AMP/Content/Fields_Override.xml that only redefines the element in question. This helps with maintenance because we don't have to re-write every /lib version of an xml file when we change a form.
amp (3.5.13) - 2006-07-25
New Features in this release are:
1. Image listing is now cached for speed
2. Forms can now be given a CAPTCHA ( a distorted image of letters which the user must enter correctly ) to prevent false form submits.
3. Articles can now be defined with individual Metadescriptions or Metakeywords in the Advanced Options tab
Fixed in this release are:
1. Frontpage More Links should now save correctly.
2. View/Edit Content should reliably return to the SiteMap tree.
3. System toolbar should be reliably functional
4. Index pages on sites with subsites should display correctly
5. Edit custom files repaired
6. Sites without sections should display correctly on the backend.
7. Permissions support for PUBLISH rights and EDIT on article and section pages re-implemented.
We are still working on some difficult-to-replicate errors. If you see any of these please email us with the exact circumstances including browser/OS, URL, and the last action you took in the system before the error occured.
1. The system toolbar is not visible or is inactive.
2. The article editing form is displaced very far to the right of the normal browser window.
3. You are logged out unexpectedly or are unable to log in.
amp (3.5.7) - 2005-12-21
Built-in support for the latest version of PHPlist:
Configurable use of Mailing Lists with any Form
Add existing users to a mailing list via AMP Forms interface
Send HTML-templated emails
Photo Gallery update:
Gallery Display is now using standard AMP display libraries, which makes customization work more efficient
Support for Gallery 2.0 ( 3rd party open-source product ) is now being tested with some client installations -- our long-term plan is to integrate completely with Gallery 2.0
Democracy In Action integration:
Mailing lists and groups in your DIA account can now be managed and manipulated from AMP modules
We have a API for DIA in PHP under continuing development -- please email for more info.
Trackbacks support:
AMP now supports trackback notification for articles that have 'Allow Comments' enabled.
PunBB support:
Support for punBB is now being tested with some client installations -- please contact us if you would like to be included in the next round of testing.
amp (3.5.3) - 2005-09-09
Image Gallery is working
Redirected pages should no longer store themselves in the cache, and thus will not be retrieved from the cache. This only works for pages which use the (ampredirect) function. Please use this function for all your redirection needs.
Nav rendering has been repaired. We had 3 types of problems:
1. ) there was a bug in the nav code that caused it to be confused about whether an element was being requested from the right nav or the left nav, when it was defined for both. This made templating go awry on SFT.
1a ) also, I have noticed but not repaired a related behavior: you cannot register more than one copy of a nav in a single nav bar -- the NavSet for each NavBar uses the database navtbl id field as a key, so putting more than one in they just overwrite each other. Just FYI, we can figure out whether this is a significant problem later
2) lNavHTML1, 2,3,4, and 5 were not declared as global variables in a custom nav used on chevron. i have included them within the local scope of the evaluation, however, these variables are deprecated and someday I'll take an axe to them. If you need to build a similar type of nav I'll be happy to write you a utility function like _HTML_makeNavRow( $mytext ).
3) Links nav on forest ethics was a SQL based nav producing output in the following format:
the old version of article.php supported this kind of tomfoolery but I must say i do not support it. Instead I am implementing an addition to the zzzTitle hack, such that if you want to go to some dynamic location specified in the sql, you would say zzzurl_field in place of the static text "article.php"
Next build we should change this to something more standard, like %url_field%, but since we have an existing convention i'm gonna try to support it until we can change it globally.
Some pages weren't showing up when there was no section header defined. This was due to the first patch of the day ( section header redirects) where i forgot to test correctly if a section header was defined before calling methods on it. Should be better now.
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