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11-26-2002 v3.01
Module: Module System
Description: calls module headers
CSS: subtitle, text, title
functions: converttext
Called by: all modules
To Do:
$module=$dbcon->CacheExecute("SELECT * FROM moduletext WHERE id = $mod_id") or DIE($dbcon->ErrorMsg());
if ($moduleintroreplace !=NULL) { include ("$moduleintroreplace"); }
else {
?><table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td class="text">
<p class="title"><?php echo $module->Fields("title")?></p>
<?php if ($module->Fields("subtitile") != ($null)) {?><p class="subtitle"><?php echo $module->Fields("subtitile")?></p><?php } ?>
<?php if ($module->Fields("test") != ($null)) {?><p class="text"><?php if ($module->Fields("html")) {echo $module->Fields("test");} else {echo converttext($module->Fields("test"));}?></p><?php } ?>
<?php $module->Close(); ?></td></tr></table>
<?php } ?>
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