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README for Group Complete Android Client
PLEASE NOTE that the names, logos and website resource for Group
Complete, GC Mobile and Radical Dynamic are trademarks of Radical
Dynamic Inc. and copyright (c) 2009-2013 Radical Dynamic Inc.
If you intend to release deriviate works of the Group Complete Android
Client we kindly ask that you remove any copyrighted materials (names,
logos and website resources).
We also request that any derivative works based on this source code
attribute Group Complete accordingly.
Thank you!
This is the Group Complete Android Client developed by Radical
Dynamic, also known as GC Mobile. You can find the project website at although there are no longer updates being made
to it.
Group Complete was an endeavour to create a truly mobile, robust and
powerful data collection & aggregation platform for Android. It was
developed and supported from August 2010 until February 2012. It is
based on the Open Data Kit project ( and was the first
serious mobile project to use Apache CouchDB for Android.
In late February 2012 a decision was made to abandon Group Complete.
This grew out of a change in direction at Radical and my desire to
pursue another career path.
While relatively stable, Apache CouchDB for Android is no longer
receiving significant attention and anyone considering using it should
consider alternatives such as TouchDB and friends.
I am making GC Mobile available to anyone who would like to study its
(sometimes convoluted) inner workings or adopt it for other projects.
Matt Adams