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Plans to start 'Nonprofit Ventures' - A Non-Profit Company (FFI) Incubator
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'Nonprofit Ventures' - A Non-Profit Company Incubator

Both venture capital and "exits" (acquisitions/IPO) are the business industry's way of maintaining control over innovation, since it robs the entrepreneur of control and puts it in the hands of the large and wealthy. This is extra insidious with "impact investment", since it's corrupting social enterprises. Same thing with “intrapreneurship” - it isn’t the same thing as entrepreneurship. You still have a big company controlling your funding, and ultimately what you can and cannot do. Such things kill the joy and love of working for many people. There's not much inherent motivation in working for large interests, to help them to maintain their position and advantage. It's just maintaining the status quo.

Aspiring entrepreneurs need to understand: the owner calls the shots. Investment and "exits" prevent entrepreneurs from being too wayward. This is why tech hasn’t fulfilled its promise and hasn’t benefitted those at the bottom of the pyramid enough. Especially with Venture Capital, the existing biases of society are reinforced - mid-20s, white, male business. And incubators and MBA programs are educating entrepreneurs to buy into this system.

Nonprofit Ventures is focused upon teaching (aspiring) entrepreneurs how to do "business" differently.

Because business can be a form of activism.. or art.. or self-expression.. or spirituality..

These materials are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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