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A peer-to-peer stack for code collaboration
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A peer-to-peer stack for code collaboration.

  • peer-to-peer : The Radicle stack builds on IPFS, and works without a centralized server. No hassle with setting up your own hosting, and no need to trust companies with your data.
  • terminal-first : A Radicle project contains a git repository, plus the associated issues and proposals. Access all the issues and proposals associated with your codebase right from your terminal.
  • programmable : Ever wanted to tweak your code collaboration service? With Radicle each unit of functionality –a machine– is its own litte P2P program, written in the Radicle language. You can change them to suit your needs, or create entirely new ones.

Radicle has a webpage which contains a lot more information on Radicle.


To build Radicle from source you will need stack.

And make sure the location at which stack installs executables is in your PATH: export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH.

stack build
stack install :rad :radicle

Note: stack will need about 4GB of memory to compile successfully.

To use Radicle you will also need to install ipfs and git-remote-ipfs. Running Radicle requires you to keep both the Radicle daemon and Radicle IPFS daemon running.

rad daemon-ipfs
rad daemon-radicle


We provide .deb packages for Debian-based systems.

sudo apt install ./radicle_latest_amd64.deb

To use Radicle you need to start the Radicle daemon

systemctl --user start radicle-daemon
systemctl --user status radicle-daemon


We are currently using Radicle itself to manage issues (but you can still submit issues on Github). You can create and see issues with rad issues list in the project repo. To checkout the project, run:

rad project checkout 12D3KooWPS3UXcvSZSXfi7P4J9Ut8MMVNvN63HHiCSP8rxj3RmtC

If you cloned the project from Github, you can instead, from the repo, run:

git config radicle.project-id 12D3KooWPS3UXcvSZSXfi7P4J9Ut8MMVNvN63HHiCSP8rxj3RmtC

You can also reach us on the radicle IRC channel on #freenode, or via the mailing list.


The script ./scripts/ runs all tests that are run on CI. The script requires docker and docker-compose to be installed for end-to-end tests.

The documentation is build with make -C docs html. Reference documentation for Radicle code must be regenerated with stack run radicle-doc-ref and checked into version control.

End-to-end Tests

The end-to-end test suite is run with

RAD_IPFS_API_URL=http://localhost:19301 stack test :e2e

It requires you to start up an IPFS test network and the Radicle daemon.

docker-compose -f test/docker-compose.yaml up -d ipfs-test-network
RAD_IPFS_API_URL=http://localhost:19301 stack exec -- \
  rad-daemon-radicle --machine-config /tmp/radicle-machines.json

If you use docker-compose up for the first time you will also need to initialize the IPFS test network with

echo '{"radicle": true}' | \
  docker-compose -f test/docker-compose.yaml exec -T ipfs-test-network ipfs dag put

If you are using docker-machine, replace localhost in RAD_IPFS_API_URL with the output of docker-machine ip.

You can reset the test daemon’s machine configuration by removing the file /tmp/radicle-machines.json.


Packages can be built with the ./packaging/ script. Run it with -h for more information. The script requires fpm.

On CI a Debian package is built for every commit and uploaded to The package uses the commit hash as the version.


Your local machine might build binaries that are incompatible with the debian:stretch container image. In that case building the docker images fails. You can build compatible binaries using stack’s docker integration. This is enabled by passing the STACK_DOCKER=1 environment to ./scripts/

Code of conduct

Please read our code of conduct when thinking of contributing.

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