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Andy Isaacson
Andy Isaacson committed Sep 12, 2009
2 parents 91a4a01 + fa2e56a commit 68d71b42b4ed4f769646e00eb12de5a1c81d0e26
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@@ -8,14 +8,14 @@ cd /mnt/build/mydroid
. build/
lunch htc_dream-eng
+make -j2
log "make exited with code $?"
-tar czf $buildnum.tar.gz mydroid/out/target/product/dream/[^o]*
+tar czf $buildnum.tar.gz out/target/product/dream-open/[^o]*
s3cmd put $buildnum.tar.gz s3://$BUCKET/
-s3cmd put out/target/product/dream/system.img s3://$BUCKET/$buildnum-system.img
-s3cmd put out/target/product/dream/ramdisk.img s3://$BUCKET/$buildnum-ramdisk.img
-s3cmd put out/target/product/dream/userdata.img s3://$BUCKET/$buildnum-$userdata.img
+s3cmd put out/target/product/dream-open/system.img s3://$BUCKET/$buildnum-system.img
+s3cmd put out/target/product/dream-open/ramdisk.img s3://$BUCKET/$buildnum-ramdisk.img
+s3cmd put out/target/product/dream-open/userdata.img s3://$BUCKET/$buildnum-$userdata.img
log "deliverables published for $buildnum"

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