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Broadlink HTTP server/proxy with REST API

Supported devices: RM/RM2/RM Pro/RM3/BlackBean/A1

Uses python-broadlink

Based and inspired by BlackBeanControl

Example usage

  1. Update settings.ini with your configuration

A blank file (you can erase it) is the easiest to start with, and the system will autodetect your devices.

The [General] section contains the following optional parameters

  • serverAddress = IP to listen on, rather than
  • serverPort = listen port (defaults to 8080)
  • Timeout = Default timeout for network operations in tenths of a second
  • learnFrom = IP addresses that can issue new commands to learn from (default is any)
  • broadcastAddress = a pending patch to python-broadlink will allow device discover to use a specified broadcast IP
  • Autodetect = if set to a number, do device discover for the given number of seconds. This option removes itself.
  • allowOverwrite = if set to anything, allow learned commands to overwrite an existing entry. The default is to deny a command that is already learned
  • restrictAccess = restrict all operations to this list of IPs
  • password = allow password-protected POST operations from any address

If password is specified, then GET operations are only allowed from hosts in restrictAccess. GET operations won't need a password, but they'll only be allowed from specific hosts. There is currently no way to restrict hosts AND require a password, but serverAddress combined with firewall rules on the underlying host would be solution for the security paranoid, setting password and not restrictAccess.

  1. Start python

If no devices are in settings.ini, note the names of the devices found. These will be named by the hostname, so make sure the IP address resolves or enter it in /etc/hosts

  1. In your browser:
http://localhost:8080/learnCommand/lampon   #learn command with name lampon
http://localhost:8080/sendCommand/lampon    #send command with name lampon

If you have more than one device, use the alternate syntax

http://localhost:8080/<deviceName from settings.ini>/learnCommand/lampon   #learn command with name lampon
http://localhost:8080/<deviceName from settings.ini>/sendCommand/lampon    #send command with name lampon
  1. Added get temperature from supported devices (like RM2/Pro):


{ "temperature": 22.2 } 

*required JSON format suites homebridge-http-temperature plugin.

  • updated sensor handling allows also to use: http://localhost:8080/<deviceName from settings.ini>/getSensor/temperature
  1. Added support for A1 sensors (temperature, lights and etc..)
http://localhost:8080/<A1 deviceName from settings.ini>/getSensor/noise

for example:

and etc..


{ "temperature": 22.2 } 
{ "lights": "dark" } 
{ "noise": "quite" } 
and etc..

*required JSON format suites homebridge-http-temperature plugin.

  1. Get and Set status of devices having COMMANDon and COMMANDoff abilities
http://localhost:8080/sendCommand/lampon #automaticly set status of "lamp" to "on"
http://localhost:8080/getStatus/lamp     #return lamp status as 0 or 1
  1. Added simple Macro language Any Command can start with the word MACRO followed by a list of other commands. Each command will be done in order. You may repeat a command (useful for navigating menus) by putting a comma followed a repeat count after the command. For example, "right,5" will send the "right" command 5 time. You can use also use "sleep1", "sleep2", "sleep3", etc. to insert a pause. In this case, a comma is optional.

Note: It may be helpful to reload your changes with SIGUSR1 when developing macros.

TODO/IDEA: Ability to test a status in the Macro and branch to another macro.


Broadlink RM/RM2/RM Pro/RM3/BlackBean/A1 Web server with REST API (like..)







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