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  1. Battery-Lifetime-Estimation-Tool Battery-Lifetime-Estimation-Tool Public

    Tool for node current estimation in RIIM

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  2. RIIM_Modbus_Master_Example RIIM_Modbus_Master_Example Public

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  3. RIIM_SLIP_Example RIIM_SLIP_Example Public

    This is an example on how to connect an edge computer to a RIIM network. It demonstrates the use of SLIP, IPv6, CoAP, deployment and interface towards Node Red.


  4. RIIM_MQTT_Example RIIM_MQTT_Example Public

    MQTT example using CoAP in RIIM

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  5. RIIM_Transparent_Modbus_Example RIIM_Transparent_Modbus_Example Public

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  6. RIIM-Packet-Calculator RIIM-Packet-Calculator Public

    Worksheet that helps users to determine the number of packet sent over the air for a given payload size in a mesh network


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