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Radiodan PCB

These instructions cover using the custom-made Radiodan PCB.


  • 4 x 68R resistors
  • 2 x 120R resistors
  • 2 x RGB Rotary Encoder
  • 1 x Tactile button
  • 1 x 26-pin boxed header


  1. Start with the 2 120R resistors.

  2. The go in the holes marked R1 and R4. The solid box outline should be facing up.

  3. Next fill the other 4 boxes marked R with the remaining 4 resistors.

  4. Turn PCB over and solder

  5. Soldered

  6. The header box is next. The printed shapes should be facing up and the notch in the header should match the notch in the printed outline.

  7. The header in position.

  8. Turn the PCB over and solder.

  9. The tactile button is next. Since the button outline is dotted the component must be soldered on the BACK of the PCB.

  10. Turn the PCB over.

  11. The button clips into the holes. It only fits easily one way.

  12. Turn the PCB over again and solder the legs.

  13. The 2 rotary encoders' outlines on the PCB are also dotted so they go on the other side, just like the tactile button.

  14. Turn the PCB over...

  15. The legs will only fit in a single orientation

  16. A box with holes cut out to fit the encoder poles is useful to stop the PCB wobblying as you solder.

  17. Rest the encoders in the holes and solder. Make sure you apply pressure to the PCB to ensure the legs are pushed through.

  18. Soldered!

  19. Done!