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Improved web user interface for the Resin WiFi Connect service

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WiFi Connect UI

This is a replacement web user interface for the Resin WiFi Connect service.


The Resin UI is bare-bones and intended to be replaced with a product-specific version. This UI provides a nicely designed interface that you can easily add to your project. It comes with a standard theme but you can easily customise the colours and text.

Installing on a device

To install on the device we recommend using out installation script.

If you want to do it manually, just copy all the files from build into the directory specified by the --ui-path command line argument of wifi-connect.

Customising the theme

To customise the colours of the theme, edit the file config.json in the build directory. This file is loaded by the browser when it connects to the access point.

config.json has two sections:


There are 4 main colours used throughout the app. Don't change the names of the colours, but do change the values if you want to customise the app. We've used hsl colours but any valid CSS colour value will work.

Color name Usage
primary Used as a background colour and for primary buttons
primaryAlternate Slightly lighter shade used for primary hover
secondary Must be legible when used as text on the primary and tertiary colour
secondaryAlternate Slightly lighter shade for hover effects
tertiary Used as a contrast to the primary colour
tertiaryAlternate Lighter shade for hover effects
accent Contrasting colour used against the primary


This is all the text in the app. Change it here to update what the people using your app will read. In some places you'll see the special pattern ${ssid}. Those special markers get replaced with real data in the app.


If you want to add new features to the app, then you need to edit the source files in src and make a new build.

This app is build using Preact so you'll need a recent version of node.js to develop locally.

If you just want to change the text, colours or logo then you don't need to do this, see "Customisating the theme" above.

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# build for production with minification
npm run build

# test the production build locally
npm run serve

CLI Commands

For detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the CLI Readme.


You only need to read this if you're a member of the Radiodan team and want to make a new release.

We use release-it to manage releases.


  • You must be able to git push to this repository
  • You must export an environment variable called WIFI_CONNECT_GITHUB_TOKEN with a GitHub Access Token

Releasing a release

npm run release will:

  • Create a new version tag and push to GitHub
  • Do a build
  • Upload a zip of the build dir to GitHub Releases


Improved web user interface for the Resin WiFi Connect service






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