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Backbone Events

Why events?

  • coupling events that don't need to know about each other
  • maintain synchronicity in your app
  • coupled architecture

bind the views to the model.

  • binding usually happens on your initialize
  • mixing in backbone events can be done by extending
  • backbone objects itself has events mixin, so it can be used as a global events bus
  • caution with naming events. namespace them
  • backbone.bind has been deprecated onto 'on'
  • you can pass context to your event as a third parameter.
  • jquery style event binding, provide a hash object where event names are keys and functions the values.

unbinding events

important - use .off(). you can be specific with which callbacks to remove, provide a reference to callback. Important to provide named functions, rather than anonymous. if you're going to be unbinding, save your functions on vars. can be useful to bind an event with .once(), where once the callback fires once, it is removed.

##Inversion of control. listenTo(model, 'event', callback) - then stopListening() if you have to manage many doors, you should use a collection

##Triggering events trigger('eventname', arg1, arg2, arg3) -> args get turned into an array if you don't pass arguments, function is given undefined the context in listenTo callbacks is the listener object,.