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The (Chinese) Radio Documentation Project

This book is released for free under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Baofeng UV-5R

In the source/ directory you'll find the XML sources for the manual to the Baofeng UV-5R dual band handheld transceiver.

Build instructions.

  1. Check out the toolchain repo:

    % git clone toolchain
  2. Clone the manual repo and enter the directory:

    % git clone
    % cd uv-5r/
  3. Rasterise the SVGs to PNG:

    % make png
  4. Build the various target documents:

    % make print


Tested and working targets:

  • pdf: Produces PDFs for both print and ipad targets.
  • print: PDF optimised for printing (A4 paper, double sided printing, expanded targets and all black).
  • ipad: Web optimised PDF (no empty verso pages, all references hyperlinked and coloured).
  • kindle: PDF optimised for the small monochrome screen on the kindle (actual reflowable .mobi not currently a viable option).

Experimental and broken targets:

  • epub: Produces a reflowable .epub document for non-Amazon e-readers.
    • Known issues: Image assets not resizing properly and breaking layouts.
  • html: Chunked HTML for web viewing. Stylesheets not finished and buggy.