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I have no time to finish self-maid boards so ordered full set of pcb's: 10 pcb - base boards 10 plates with 24 different modules on each - 240 modules 2AND/2XOR 2AND/2OR D-trigger 2&(3C+1A) Diode(8)


  1. Roaster temperature regulator - Done
  2. Solder mask frame table - Done
  3. Etching bath - Ok
  4. CNC milling machine tuning - Not finished yet
  5. 3D printer - In use

2. Soldering

Module Components Soldered Status
2AND/2OR Check 22 Done
2AND/2XOR Check 32 Done
D-TRIGGER Check 67 Done
2& Check 20 Done
Diode module Check 20 Done
Base board Check 5/6 Done
Memory board Check 1/1 Done
Indicator module Check 4/4 Done
Latch module Check 8/8 Done


  1. Relay tester - Done
  2. Modules tester - Done

3. Wire Wrapping

Block Status

4. Memory Board

Operation Status
Schematic Done
PCB Routing Done
MCU firmware Active

5. Housing

Component Status
Base Plate Done
Main Frame Done

6. Progress updates:

Update 12/1/2019:

  • BFPC Frame is done, and all computer parts are placed on chassis;
  • Memory board is working enough for BFPC start;
  • Logic blocks are 30% done

Update 24/05/2018:

  • D-triggers for TMP/CMD register block done;
  • All block housings are printed;
  • Indicator boards assembly finished;
  • Soldered all latch modules;

Update 26/02/2018:

  • Adder Block done and tested;
  • IP/AP register block done and tested;
  • Continue soldering D-trigger modules;
  • Created indicator modules. Soldered two of them. Fw for one is done;
  • Created latch modules. Soldered two of them;
  • Start working with memory board firmware.

Update 14/12/2017:

  • Soldering D-trigger modules. Need 64+, got half of them
  • Designed indicator board
  • Start wire-wrap of adder block

Update 12/11/2017:

  • Ordered pcbs from easyeda and got it.
  • Soldered all 2AND/2XOR modules for carry-chain adder. Start soldering base plate for it.
  • Done with modules tester - didn't check any relay but will check all modules.

Update 05/06/2017:

  • Only in third attempt I painted some boards with solder mask. It's a diode module, 2ANDx4 module and 2& module - two plates of each type. Currently can start drill and mill them and start assemble the modules.

Update 17/04/2017:

  • Rework and optimized ADDer logic. previous version needed 64 modules with 3 different types: ADD+C, 5AND, 2AND/2OR. New version need 32 modules with 2AND/2XOR type; One basic block would be used for latches.
  • Done with memory Board module routing - Already got ready pcb from manufacturer and currently soldering it.
  • Done with prepearing for solder mask operations - will start with this one as soon possible;
  • Thinking about memory module firmware. Start developing it's arch.

Update 08/03/2017:

  • I'm done with all known modules etching 30 pcbs! All adder modules, all register modules are ecthed;
  • Created and etched some modules for logic block - I have 64 modules capacity on it and have only preliminarty schematic for microcode;
  • Next step - apply solder mask on them and send to drilling and milling. After this steps I will start soldering modules.

Update 04/03/2017:

  • Put image on another 6 plates and want to etch them in near future - 3x5AND, 1x2AND/2OR, 2xD-trigger.
  • Almost finished with Memory Board routing. Need to fix power lines and check all connections.
  • Prepare plywood table for photomask - it's ready for use and I want to start when finished with all known boards.

Update 25/02/2017:

  • Etched additional 12 pcb's - 6 pcb of D-trigger, 2 ADD+C, 1 5AND, 3 base boards.

Update 23/02/2017:

  • Suddenly found that I have D-trigger unrouted yet. Fix this issue and got one-side pcb with one jumper. Printed Photomasks and Imaged two plates;
  • Modified ADD+C routing into one-side pcb with one jumper. Reprinted photomasks and made one of two Images;
  • Bought thermal laminator for doing photoresist operations better - when I start etching I found that they are a lot of issues with images quality. First test gaves me stable good image quality after I just found proper temperature;
  • Currently I have 5 etched plates and 7 - waiting for etch (will do it in 2-3 days).
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