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CentOS 7 RPM Specfile for liquidsoap

This repository contains the specfile for liquidsoap which is part of the RaBe liquidsoap distribution.


curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/liquidsoap.repo \

dnf config-manager --enable PowerTools

dnf install

dnf install liquidsoap

You might have to install some dependencies explicitly to get all the parts you need to work. This is due to the fact that liquidsoap does some runtime detection and to allow for unbloated installs where advanced features are not needed.


You can run liquidsoap directly on the command line to verify it is working but will want to run scripts automatically as user liquidsoap at some stage.

The RaBe liquidsoap distribution comes bundles with an instantiable systemd service file that takes over the job of upstreams upstart config. While this does not automatically loop over /etc/liquidsoap and start all the contained scripts, configuring it is rather easy.

# enable and start the bundled example script
cp /etc/liquidsoap/radio.liq.example /etc/liquidsoap/radio.liq
systemctl enable liquidsoap@radio
systemctl start liquidsoap@radio

# add an addtional script and start it
echo "out(sine())" > /etc/liquidsoap/sine-example.liq
systemctl enable liquidsoap@sine-example
systemctl start liquidsoap@sine-example

Allow ALSA access for liquidsoap

If your liquidsoap script needs to access ALSA you need to make sure the liquidsoap user is allowed to access the subsytem.

usermod -G audio -a liquidsoap

You could also create the liquidsoap user beforehand and ensure that it has access before installing liquidsoap.

Enable fdk-aac

If you want to enable %fdkaac output you will need to provide a library that can be loaded dynamically. These instructions need updating for CentOS 8 with Liquidsoap 1.4.x

The following example uses fdk-aac from the Nux Dextop Repos but the alternative packages available from RPMFusion should work as well.

yum install

yum install ocaml-fdkaac

After installing the dynamic lib you can check the output of liquidsoap -v 'out(sine())' for the following line.

2018/09/14 16:46:50 [dynamic.loader:3] Loaded dynamic fdkaac encoder from /usr/lib64/ocaml/fdkaac


RaBe Liquidsoap Distribution for CentOS 8 & Fedora (RaBe-LSD)




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