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radish - the root from red to green

Awesome python BDD tool

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What is radish?

radish is a Behavior Driven Development tool completely written in python. It supports all gherkin language features. In addition to that, radish implements a few unconventional BDD features such as Preconditions, Scenario Loops, Constants and Expressions.

Supported platforms

radish is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux


radish is available as pip package:

pip install radish-bdd

Note: Make sure you have enough privileges to install radish on your system.

Getting started

radish is very easy to use. Take the 5 minutes and follow the Getting started instruction on the radish website:


The whole documentation of radish is available on Read The Docs.


Yes, we are looking for some contributors and people who spread out a word about radish. Help us to improve these piece of software. You don't know what to do? Just have a look at the Issues or create a new one. Please have a look at the Contributing Guidelines, too.

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes to Hassan Ashraf from the company Cyber Avanza for creating an awesome logo for free! I really appreciate their work and time!

This project is published under MIT.
A Timo Furrer project.
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