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Example React app built for JazzCon 2017
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This is an example React app originally built for JazzCon 2017.

Its primary purpose is to illustrate React's primary abstractions and techniques (components, JSX, Virtual DOM, Modules, and Immutability) in terms of core JavaScript (functions, objects, modules, array methods)

It inaccurately simulates cooking food while showing the current temperature, temperature history, and target temperature (Technically, the code shows it as "oven" temp, but...that's a typo.)

Slides from the talk

Are included as a PDF in this repo.

Installation of dependencies

After cloning, cd into directory and then either npm install or yarn.


Primary interface is React Storybook, which you run via: npm storybook or yarn storybook.

Then, if your browser is not opened for you, go to localhost:9009 to view the storybook.

Alternatively, run npm start or yarn start, which should open your browser to localhost:3000.

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