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Oxford is a front-end skeleton framework for rapid website development, created by John Kreitlow and maintained by the Dev Team at Deep Focus.

The main purpose of Oxford is to provide a set of useful tools and libraries in a consistent structure that promotes healthy code style and unbiased flexibility while making as few assumptions as possible.

First Steps

To use Oxford, clone the repository or pull it into your existing project. We usually do this with a git subtree, which squashes the commit history and places it neatly into your project:

$ git subtree add --prefix ./assets master --squash

More information on git subtree can be found here.

Then, simply navigate to the newly-grabbed folder and run npm install. This will ensure all the expected grunt tasks are available.

Then grunt dev to get to work!

Up and Running

A Few Assumptions

The initial release of Oxford uses these languages and libraries, since we use them frequently in our projects. Future variants of Oxford may have different requirements and dependencies.


Javascript libraries


A Few Gotchas

There are some key quirks in this project that may be overlooked, so here they are upfront, in list form.

  • Our JavaScript modules use tabs instead of spaces. You can change this in your own project if you see fit. Our projects enforce tabs and other style requirements with jscs. This only applies to scripts in js/main.js and the js/app directory.
  • The bower.json file is mainly intended for use with the grunt-bowercopy task.
  • There is one entry point for Less compilation, which is less/style.less. This is not to be confused with less/styles/_styles.less.
  • The Less output is currently not minified or compressed. You may want to use grunt-contrib-cssmin in the meantime.


By contributing your code, you agree to license your contribution under the MIT License.


A front-end skeleton framework for rapid website development. Maintained in tandem with







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