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Radix core consensus and networking layer
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radixdlt-core is Radix' core consensus and networking module for the Radix Distributed Ledger.

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Clone the required repository:

git clone

Checkout the required branch:

cd radixdlt-core && git checkout release/1.0-beta.6

Run tests (note that integration tests take several minutes to run):

./gradlew test integrationTest

Unfortunately the integration tests currently use hardcoded TCP/UDP port numbers 12345 and 23456, and may fail if these ports are not available on your machine. We plan to fix this.


You will need docker installed to launch a node. We use Docker Desktop for Mac.

./gradlew deb4docker
docker-compose -f docker/single-node.yml up --build

API interface can be accessed via localhost:8080, eg:

curl localhost:8080/api/universe

See also radixdlt-java for a Java client library and radixdlt-js for Javascript.


Contributions are welcome, we simply ask to:

  • Fork the codebase
  • Make changes
  • Submit a pull request for review

When contributing to this repository, we recommend discussing with the development team the change you wish to make using a GitHub issue before making changes.

Please follow our Code of Conduct in all your interactions with the project.


Link Description Radix DLT Homepage
documentation Radix Knowledge Base
forum Radix Technical Forum
@radixdlt Follow Radix DLT on Twitter


The radixdlt-core code is released under the Apache 2.0 License.

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