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Generates Java classes from OWL ontologies
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(c) 2017 Radek Burget (

RDF4J Class Builder is a tool for generating Java classes from OWL ontology definitions. For every class defined in the OWL file, it generates a Java class definition, that contains

  • Property definitions, getters and setters for every OWL property that has the given class in owl:domain. The property cardinality is distinguished using the owl:Property, owl:FunctionalProperty and owl:InverseFunctionalProperty definitions.
  • The addToModel() and loadFromModel() methods that allow loading and storing the class instatnces from and to a RDF graph represented by the RDF4J Model class.

Additionaly, a factory interface is generated for the whole ontology that allows implementing custom factories for creating the object instances.

The project is inspired by and integrates with the the RDF4J Vocabulary Builder project.

This work was supported by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic as a part of the project Integrated platform for analysis of digital data from security incidents VI20172020062.

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