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A notification system currently being developed for and Radixia

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Notification System

The Noomii notification system!

Note: This plugin does NOT handle scheduling. Use another plugin such as "whenever" or "backgroundrb" for scheduling.


script/generate notification_system_migration
rake db:migrate



A notification represents a bunch of information scheduled to be delivered to a particular user. A notification may be associated to an event, and users can subscribe / unsubscribe to any notification.

A notification is considered pending on and after its scheduled delivery date, if it has not been sent. Notifications are NOT sent automatically. You will need to use a scheduler of some sort to periodically call Notification.deliver_pending. This will grab all pending notifications, and deliver them to their recipients IF they are subscribed to receive that type of notification. IF they are not subscribed, the pending notification is destroyed.

Only notifications that have titles specified are considered subscribable. (TODO: somewhat iffy.. maybe change this in the future)

Delivery assumes the existence of a NotificationMailer. To modify the mailer do something like the following:

NotificationSystem::Notification.mailer = :user_mailer

The mailer method name will have to correspond to the notification class name. For example, a notification class called NewCommentNotification will try to use the new_comment_notification mailer method.

TODO: explain this a bit better


Events help in associating a particular context to a notification. In addition, they help organize the notification creation.

TODO: explain this a bit better


Generating New Notification Types

script/generate notification new_comment

This will generate app/models/notifications/new_comment_notification.rb

Generating New Event Types

script/generate event new_user

This will generate app/models/events/new_user_event.rb

Validating Event Source Type

class CoolEvent < NotificationSystem::Event
  source_type :user

This will ensure that the source's class is validated. If the type of the source is not User, this will add an error to the event instance: "source is not an instance of User".

TODO: explain better

Triggering Events

NewUserEvent.trigger :source => source_object, :arg1 => 'blah', :arg2 => [1,2,3], ..., :argn => 'wow'

If successful, this will create a new event instance with a source. If no extra arguments are specified, it will be created with a nil data attribute. If extra arguments are specified, the data attribute will contain a serialized hash of the extra arguments.

TODO: explain better

Creating Notifications

Notifications require a recipient and a date, and can optionally be associated to an event.

NewCommentNotification.create! :recipient => some_user, :date =>, :event => random_event_instance



Recurrences must have a positive non-zero interval (specified in seconds). A recurrence can be associated to a notification as follows:

notification.recurrence = Recurrence.create! :interval => 1.week, :end_date => 1.year.from_now

A notification is defined as recurrent if it is associated to a recurrence. To find out whether a notification is recurrent call


Once sent, a recurrent notification will schedule a copy of itself as defined in the recurrence. If an end_date is not specified the notification will recur forever.

Notification Groups and Titles

class NewCommentOnYourArticleNotification < NotificationSystem::Notification
  group 'Comments'
  title 'Someone commented on your article'

These are the titles that will be displayed on the notification settings form. Specifying a title makes a notification subscribable.

Specifying a group will organize your notification settings form into groups. If you specify at least one group, then all notifications without a group will be organized under 'Other'.

Notification Subscription

NotificationTypeSubscription.create! :subscriber => radu, :notification_type => 'CoolNotification'
user.notification_type_subscriptions << ...

Notification Subscription Settings

(TODO: This form is currently broken because of recent changes to the way subscriptions are stored)

= notification_settings_for @user

Notification Named Scopes


Copyright (c) 2009 Radu Vlad, released under the MIT license

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