Wrapper around hmmscan for scanning against Pfam-defined domain models.
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PfamScanner is a wrapper around hmmscan for scanning against protein sequences against Pfam-defined domain models. Scan output is provided in a fasta-like format (xdom).

The .xdom format

For example, the Human ATP-binding cassette sub-family F member 2 (Q9UG63) contains three Pfam-A domains:

>Q9UG63  623
44  257  ABC_tran
296 383  ABC_tran_2
437 545  ABC_tran	

The first line specifies the protein ID and its length in amino acids. The remaining lines specify each domain (in sequence) with its repective co-ordinates and ID or accession number. Optionally, the ID fields can be followed by an Evalue inidcating the significance of the hit between the domain sequence and the defining model.

  • Runs in scan / parse-only mode
  • Provides overlap resolution (by best matching cascade)
  • Can collapse successive domains of type repeat (repeat arrays)
  • Can merge split hits (successive hits, in sequence, to the same model)
$ java -jar build/PfamScanner.jar
Usage: PfamScanner [OPTIONS] -in <infile> -out <outfile> -dir <workingdir>
Run hmmscan against Pfam defined domains

 -acc,--accession       Use Pfam (PF00002) accessions instead of IDs
 -c,--cpu <arg>         Number of parallel CPU workers to use for
                        multithreads (hmmscan)
 -C,--collapse          Collapse domains of type repeat
 -dir <directory>       The working directory. This directory must contain
                        the Pfam-A domain models, pressed using hmmpress
                        and named Pfam-A.hmm. This directory must also
                        contain the hmmscan binary (version >= 3.0). By
                        default, the working directory is set to the
                        current directory.
 -e,--evalue <float>    Evalue threshold [Default: model defined gathering
 -h,--help              Print this help message
 -in <file>             Fasta || hmmout input file (see option parse-only)
 -M,--model <models>    File containing HMMs for scan (must be indexed)
 -m,--merge             Merge split hits
 -out <file>            XDOM output file
 -p,--parse-only        Parse previous run of hmmscan (save to file). If
                        set, <in> file must be hmmscan (version 3)
                        domtblout format, and <out> the name of the xdom
                        that should be written to.
 -r,--remove-overlaps   Resolve overlaps (Best match cascade)
 -s,--save <file>       Save hmmscan output (full path required)
 -t,--tempdir <dir>     Directory in which temporary files are to be
 -v,--verbose           Verbose scan