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Orthanc plugin providing AWS S3 storage

Instruction, how to build the plugin

  • use a script provided with the repository inside scripts/docker-build-orthanc folder (please note, do it even if you want to build it natively, without Docker!)

Deploying Orthanc with the plugin

  • copy libOrthancS3StoragePlugin.dylib* or* to the folder indicated in Orthanc's json config file. See official Orthanc's documentation to see how to enable plugins.


Place this section in the Orthanc config:

  "S3" : {
      "aws_access_key_id" : "XXX",
      "aws_secret_access_key" : "XXX",
      "aws_region": "name-of-region",
      "s3_bucket": "name-of-bucket",
      "implementation": "direct"

Note that aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key are optional if you provide correct creds in ~/.aws/credentials.

Another optional parameter chooses between AWS Trarnsfer Manager (default) and Direct Object operations on S3. Possible values:

  • direct
  • transfer_manager

How to deploy the plugin in Docker

  1. If you want to build the plugin inside a Docker's container, use scripts located in scripts/docker-build-orthanc directory: firstly and secondly See in this directory and Dockerfile for more details.

  2. After successfull build, the plugin will be placed inside install or install-$datetime directory and you will be able to use it, if a Linux distribution used for building shares libraries versions with a distributon, on with Orthanc is run (e.g. there is a conflict of libcrypto between Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.10). Therefore we advise you to buildi and run the plugin on the same version of Linux.

  3. You can use the plugin with official Orthanc's Docker image (osimis/orthanc), please follow instruction from official documentation (Section: "Example: using the osimis/orthanc images the old way"). You can also use scripts from directory scripts/docker-run-orthanc, see its file.

Additional informations

  1. If you want to build AWS-SDK from scratch, follow the rules, but please note, we recommend using our configuration script and build AWS automatically.
  • git clone
  • mkdir aws-sdk-cpp-build && cd aws-sdk-cpp-build && cmake -DBUILD_ONLY="transfer;s3" ../aws-sdk-cpp && cmake --build . -- -j4 && make install
  • 1GB of RAM is not enough. Adding 4GB swap file helps.
  1. You might build Orthanc as well, but this step is useful only if you need to debug the plugin


Copyright (C) 2018 (Radpoint Sp. z.o.o, Poland) The S3 Storage plugin for Orthanc is licensed under the AGPL license.


S3 Storage Plugin - A plugin for Orthanc DICOM Server for storing DICOM data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3).







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