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Radar java client lib
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radarj -- Radard's java client library

As the core component of the radar network, the radard (radar-dee) is a series of servers that run peer to peer software.

This radarj is the client side implementation to submit transactions, query accounts' info, etc.

##1, radar-lib Radar java library for account, transactions, ledger and crypto algorithms.

For details, the whole development documentation was published in .

Repository contents in src/main/java/ :


implement wrap classes of radard WebSocket API .

The WebSocket API interactive document is published in .


some functions of Bitcoin, for comparison


Network communication clients, including WebSocket, ZooKeeper ...


radar java package core, including data structure, hash, serialize ...

##2, radar-info-web

Realtime data view pages for Radar System. And it also is an example for using radar-lib .

The corresponding website built by this module is

##3, ripple-bouncycastle

Rippls's encrypt/decrypt package, derived from


radarj is open source and permissively licensed under the ISC license.


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