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A simple connection pool for Mysql2::EM connections
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EmMysql2ConnectionPool generation a pool of MySQL2 connection with the given parameters. If you execute queries on the pool these queries get cued and executed using the next free connection.


Configure as usual:

conf = {
    :host => "localhost",
    :database => 'my_db',
    :reconnect => true,
    :username => "root",
    :size => 5,
    # :password => ''

my_query = "SELECT * FROM track WHERE in_progress != 0 LIMIT 10"

Mysql2::Client.default_query_options.merge! :symbolize_keys => true, :cast_booleans => true

MySQL = conf

The only additional option parameter is :size which determines the connection pool size.

The just issue your queries on the connection pool: do
  MySQL.query my_query do |results|
    p results.to_a

Go ahead, try the example.

Eventmachine Deferrables

As a lot of eventmachine libraries, EmMysql2ConnectionPool not only supports the direct use of a callback, but returns a Eventmachine::Deferrable. On this deferrable further callbacks and errbacks can be defined.

The equivalent to the above, including an errback looks like this: do
  my_query = MySQL.query my_query
  my_query.errback{ |error| puts "An error occured: #{error}" }
  my_query.callback do |results|
    p results.to_a

Affected rows

If the query succeeds, the result is yielded to the given block or the given callback(s).

As a second argument the number of affected rows is yielded. If you don’t need it, your callback doesn’t even need to define a second argument.

Again the same example using the number of affected rows: do
  my_query = MySQL.query my_query
  my_query.errback{ |error| puts "An error occured: #{error}" }
  my_query.callback do |results, affected_rows|
    puts "Affected rows: #{affected_rows}"
    p results.to_a

The rational behind this design decision is as follows: To get hold of the number of affected rows you need to have the connection on which your last query is issued. As the connection “hides” behind the pool and you even would’nt know wether your actual query is really the last query on this very connection, the only way to pass the number of affected rows to the user is the callback.

Advanced usage

Sometimes you need the connection within the query. For example if you want to SQL-escape a string. But when building the query with EmMysql2ConnectionPool you don’t have a connection at hand as your query just gets cued. Therefor you can wrap your query into a block which only parameter will be the actual connection executing the query:

MySQL.query proc{ |conn|
  escaped_name = conn.escape some_string
  "SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE name is '#{escaped_name}'"
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