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from __future__ import division
import sys,time,argparse
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
class Calculator():
'''This is our main class. It takes results from Elasticsearch and from what was previously recorded
and can give the text to be printed and the exit code'''
def __init__(self,warn,crit,myfile='/tmp/check_es_insert',myaddress='localhost:9200',threshold='lt',index=''):
self.warn = warn
self.crit = crit
self.my_elasticsearcher = Elasticsearcher(address=myaddress)
self.my_disker = Disker(file=myfile)
self.threshold = threshold
self.index = index
def calculate(self,old_value,new_value,old_time,new_time):
'''Calculates the number of inserts per second since the last recording'''
return (new_value - old_value)/(new_time - old_time)
def getPrevious(self):
'''Gets the previously recorded number of documents and UNIX time'''
previous = self.my_disker.getPrevious()
#-2 is an error code. In case shit goes wrong while accessing the file
return (-2,0)
#return the result and time
return (previous[0],previous[1])
def getCurrent(self):
'''Gets current number of documents and current UNIX time'''
current_result = self.my_elasticsearcher.getCurrent(self.index)
#-1 is an error code. In case shit goes wrong while interrogating Elasticsearch
return (-1,0)
current_time = timer()
return (current_result,current_time)
def printandexit(self,result):
'''Given the number of inserts per second, it gives the formatted text and the exit code'''
text="Number of documents inserted per second (index: %s) is %f | 'es_insert'=%f;%d;%d;;" % (self.index if self.index != '' else 'all', result,result,self.warn,self.crit)
if self.threshold == 'lt':
if result<self.warn:
return (text,OK)
if result<self.crit:
return (text,WARNING)
return (text,CRITICAL)
elif self.threshold == 'gt':
if result<self.crit:
return (text,CRITICAL)
if result<self.warn:
return (text,WARNING)
return (text,OK)
return ('Unknown threshold value',UNKNOWN)
def run(self):
'''This does everything, and returns the text to be printed and the exit code'''
#get the current number of documents and time
(new_value, new_time) = self.getCurrent()
#check if the result is a known error code
if new_value == -1:
text = "There was an issue getting the status - and number of docs - from Elasticsearch. Check that ES is running and you have elasticsearch python module installed"
return (text,UNKNOWN)
#get the previous number of documents and time
(old_value, old_time) = self.getPrevious()
#if the new value could be retrieved, try to write it to a file
#if that failed, return UNKNOWN
text = "There was an issue writing the current results to file."
return (text,UNKNOWN)
#check if the old value result is a known error code
if old_value == -2:
text = "There was an issue getting the previous results from file."
return (text,UNKNOWN)
result = self.calculate(old_value,new_value,old_time,new_time)
(text,exitcode) = self.printandexit(result)
return (text,exitcode)
def timer():
'''Interface for time.time(). Good for testing'''
return time.time()
def opener(file='/tmp/check_es_insert', mode="r"):
'''Interface for open(). Good for testing'''
return open(file,mode)
def printer(text):
'''interface for print()'''
print text
def exiter(code):
'''interface for exit()'''
class Disker():
def __init__(self,file='/tmp/check_es_insert'):
self.file = file
def getPrevious(self):
myfile = opener(self.file)
mydata = myfile.readline()
numdocs = int(mydata.split(" ")[0])
time = float(mydata.split(" ")[1])
return (numdocs,time)
def writeCurrent(self,value,time):
myfile = opener(self.file,"w")
myfile.write("%d %f" % (value,time))
class Elasticsearcher():
def __init__(self,address='localhost:9200'):
self.address = address
self.mysum = 0
def getCurrent(self, index=''):
(esaddress, esport) = self.address.split(':')
conn = Elasticsearch([{'host': esaddress, 'port': esport, 'timeout': 30}])
res =
return res['hits']['total']
def getArgs(helptext):
'''Here's where we get our command line arguments'''
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=helptext)
parser.add_argument('-c','--critical', type=float, help='Critical value', action='store',required=True)
parser.add_argument('-w','--warning', type=float, help='Warning value', action='store',required=True)
parser.add_argument('-t','--threshold', choices=['lt','gt'], type=str, help='Check result less than (lt) or greater than (gt) the warning/critcal values', action='store',default='lt')
parser.add_argument('-a','--address', type=str, help='Elasticsearch address', action='store',default='localhost:9200')
parser.add_argument('-i','--index', type=str, help='Elasticsearch index', action='store',default='')
parser.add_argument('-f','--file', type=str, help='Where to store gathered data', action='store',default='/tmp/check_es_insert')
return vars(parser.parse_args())
def main():
'''The main function'''
cmdline = getArgs('Nagios plugin for checking the number of inserts per second in Elasticsearch')
if cmdline['file'] == '/tmp/check_es_insert' and cmdline['index'] != '':
cmdline['file'] = '/tmp/check_es_insert_' + cmdline['index']
#print cmdline
my_calculator = Calculator(warn=cmdline['warning'],crit=cmdline['critical'],myfile=cmdline['file'],myaddress=cmdline['address'],threshold=cmdline['threshold'],index=cmdline['index'])
(text,exitcode) =
if __name__ == '__main__':