Filter Kubernetes secrets from application logs
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Signed-off-by: Radu Matei <>
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Filter Kubernetes logs for secrets and other sensitive information

Here's the approach in a nutshell:

  • forward the stdout of the main application container to a file
  • run a sidecar container and share the file where the main application container writes the logs
  • run a filtering process in the sidecar that continuously reads the main application log file and writes the filtered logs to the sidecar stdout
  • collect the sidecar stdout as the application logs

This approach allows us to filter the logs for a single application in the cluster, and assumes the main application can be modified to output its stdout to a file.

Using and deploying the sample

In the sample directory there is a simple NodeJS application and the Kubernetes manifests to deploy the main application and the filter.

Building from source and running locally


To build from source:

  • glide install
  • make build or go build to build the binary for your OS
  • if running and testing locally, you must specify a local LOGS_FILE, the location of your Kubernetes config file through KUBECONFIG and the desired namespace to filter secrets from through KUBECONFIG.