Canon CAPT Printer Driver for 64bit Ubuntu
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This script will help you install Canon CAPT Printer Driver 2.00 for
Debian-based Linux systems using the the 32bit or 64bit OS architecture.

Current supported printers:
	* LBP-1120			* LBP3250
	* LBP-1210			* LBP3300
	* LBP2900			* LBP3310
	* LBP3000			* LBP3500
	* LBP3010			* LBP5000
	* LBP3018			* LBP5050
	* LBP3050			* LBP5100
	* LBP3100			* LBP5300
	* LBP3108			* LBP6300dn
	* LBP3150			* LBP7200C
	* LBP3200			* LBP9100Cdn
	* LBP3210

Usage instructions:
	1.	The script must be run with super user privileges, by providing it the
		printer model you want to install on your computer and optionally an IP
		address, if your printer supports networked printing.
			sudo ./ LBP2900
			sudo ./ LBP5050
	2.	Follow the messages and the instructions on screen in order to complete
		the installation.