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Jan 11, 2018
Feb 14, 2018

rentry markdown pastebin is markdown-powered pastebin/publishing service with preview, custom urls and editing.

This repository contains a simple script that allows pasting and editing from command line interface.


wget -O ./rentry && chmod +x ./rentry
pip3 install rentry


$ rentry --help

Usage: rentry {new | edit | raw} {-h | --help} {-u | --url} {-p | --edit-code} text

  new   create a new entry
  edit  edit an existing entry
  raw   get raw markdown text of an existing entry
  -h, --help                 show this help message and exit
  -u, --url URL              url for the entry, random if not specified
  -p, --edit-code EDIT-CODE  edit code for the entry, random if not specified
  rentry new 'markdown text'               # new entry with random url and edit code
  rentry new -p pw -u example 'text'       # with custom edit code and url 
  rentry edit -p pw -u example 'text'      # edit the example entry
  cat FILE | rentry new                    # read from FILE and paste it to rentry
  cat FILE | rentry edit -p pw -u example  # read from FILE and edit the example entry
  rentry raw -u example                    # get raw markdown text
  rentry raw -u  # -u accepts absolute and relative urls

Optional Url can be set (-u, --url URL)
It goes If no Url was set then random Url will be generated automatically.

Edit code

Optional edit code can be set (-p, --edit-code EDIT-CODE)
It can be used to edit the entry later. If no edit code was set then random edit code will be generated automatically. Generated edit code will be shown to you only once, so remember it or save it. You can share this code with anyone so a group of people can edit the same entry.

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