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Smooth acitivity tracking for models - similiar to github's Public Activity

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public_activity provides smooth acitivity tracking for your ActiveRecord models in Rails 3. Simply put: it records what has been changed or edited and gives you the ability to present those recorded activities to users - in a similar way Github does it.


You can install this gem as you would any other gem: gem install public_activity or in your Gemfile: gem 'public_activity'


Create migration for activities (in your Rails project): rails g public_activity:migration rake db:migrate

Add 'tracked' to the model you want to keep track of: class Article < ActiveRecord::Base tracked end And now, by default create/update/destroy activities are recorded in activities table. To display them you can do a simple query: # some_controller.rb def index @activities = PublicActivity::Activity.all end And in your views: <% for activity in @activities %> <%= activity.text %>
<% end %> The only thing left is to add translations to your locale files, for example: en: activity: article: create: 'Article has been created' update: 'Someone has edited the article' destroy: 'Some user removed an article!'

This is only a basic example, refer to documentation for more options and customization!


You can find documentation here


Copyright (c) 2011 Piotrek Okoński, released under the MIT license

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