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Deployment manager templates for Google Cloud Platform.
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Google Cloud Platform - Deployment Manager Templates

Repo for Deployment Manager templates shared between projects.


The main purpose of this repo is to have a centralized template repository that can be added to any GCP Deployment Manager project as a Git submodule.

That removes the need of copying the templates from one project to another and the risk of ending with different versions of the templates in each project.


Templates are organized by type of resource:

  • compute
  • container
  • iam
  • sql
  • storage
  • projects

The type matches the main resources of the template, as in most cases will deploy more GCP resources required to configure / use the main one.

The Makefile

The Makefile is useful for the actual deployments, not for managing the templates.

It expects the following folder configuration:

❯ tree -L 2 .
├── Makefile
├── deployments
│   ├── bigotes-pro
│   ├── rael-base
│   ├── rshared
│   ├── project-id-3
│   └── project-id-N
└── templates
    ├── compute
    ├── container
    ├── iam
    ├── project
    ├── sql
    └── storage

For each project, you can have the deployment .yaml manifest in the root folder or using a similar folder hierarchy with folders per each resource type:

└── compute
    ├── bigotes-pro-peering.yaml
    └── network.yaml

1 directory, 2 files

With that setup, the makefile will generate a target to:

  1. Create the deployment
  2. Update the deployment
  3. Preview the deployment

For example, with the following tree:

❯ tree deployments
├── bigotes-pro
│   └── compute
│       └── rshared-peering.yaml
├── rael-base
│   ├── compute
│   │   ├── bigotes-pro-base-peering.yaml
│   │   └── network.yaml
│   └── projects
│       ├── bigotes-pro-project.yaml
│       └── rshared-project.yaml
└── rshared
    └── compute
        ├── bigotes-pro-peering.yaml
        └── network.yaml

7 directories, 7 files

Will generate the following targets: on  master [!?] took 17s
❯ make
make target
dm-create-bigotes-pro/compute/rshared-peering          dm-preview-rael-base/compute/bigotes-pro-base-peering  dm-update-rael-base/compute/network
dm-create-rael-base/compute/bigotes-pro-base-peering   dm-preview-rael-base/compute/network                   dm-update-rael-base/projects/bigotes-pro-project
dm-create-rael-base/compute/network                    dm-preview-rael-base/projects/bigotes-pro-project      dm-update-rael-base/projects/rshared-project
dm-create-rael-base/projects/bigotes-pro-project       dm-preview-rael-base/projects/rshared-project          dm-update-rshared/compute/bigotes-pro-peering
dm-create-rael-base/projects/rshared-project           dm-preview-rshared/compute/bigotes-pro-peering         dm-update-rshared/compute/network
dm-create-rshared/compute/bigotes-pro-peering          dm-preview-rshared/compute/network                     gcloud-config-rael-base
dm-create-rshared/compute/network                      dm-update-bigotes-pro/compute/rshared-peering          help
dm-preview-bigotes-pro/compute/rshared-peering         dm-update-rael-base/compute/bigotes-pro-base-peering

Examples of this makefile in use:




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