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Repo for slides, demo apps and other talk resources about kubernetes.
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Kubernetes 101

The main subject of this talk is to have an overview on the microservices architectures. Then, starts an introduction to the kubernetes architecture, core services and objects: pods, controllers, deployments and sets.

Kubernetes Clouds

The main subject of this talk is viewing the differences between each managed kubernetes solution offered by AWS, Azure and GCP.

For the labs, the main object is having several clusters deployed all over the using each managed (or not) solution and deploy the same application using the common interface provided by Kubernetes.


Digital Ocean

The main subject of this talk is introducing to the Digital Ocean cloud platform and their Managed Kubernetes solution.



The main subject of this talk is introducing to the Traefik awesome Cloud Native Edge Router and the new features comming in Traefik 2.0.

Study Jams

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