Windows™ US International XCompose for Linux
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Windows™ US International XCompose for Linux


Latin speakers (spanish, brazilian-portuguese) using a US International keyboard layout faces a different behavior from Windows™ to Linux.

This repo was created to try to provide the same Windows™ behavior for latin speakers using an en_US keyboard layout.

It relies on use of uim as Input Method, which supports both GTK+ and Qt immodules with legacy XIM support.

Install Instructions

Ubuntu / Debian

Binary Package (Unity and Ubuntu GTK environments)

This deb package has a better approach then the manual installations: it creates a global Compose file, available to all users.

To install, open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:rael-gc/utils
sudo apt update
sudo apt install win-us-intl
im-config -n uim

Logout and login.

Manual Install (KDE and other QT environments)

Open a terminal and run at home folder:

sudo apt-get -y install uim
im-config -n uim

Logout and login.

Fedora 20

Open a terminal and run at home folder:

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.keyboard active false
sudo yum -y install uim uim-gtk3
imsettings-switch -q uim

Logout and login.


Open a terminal and run at home folder:

sudo zypper in uim

Logout and login.

Known Issues

  1. Ubuntu Unity Dash don't respect the cedilla. Any other programs will work fine (Firefox, Google Chrome, Gnome programs, KDE programs, etc).
  2. Some obscure key combinations haven't been covered yet (acute + ß).
  3. Some dead key combinations don't work at all (acute + diaeresis != '")


1. It's not working for me

Make sure your keyboard is using English (US, intl., with dead keys) as layout. Make sure you logged out before testing. In case of issues with Qt environments, try define global variables like described in uim/Setup page.

2. Uim is displaying a toolbar

New versions of uim are displaying a float toolbar, which can be removed. Open uim-pref-gtk (or uim-pref-qt) and in Toolbar section change Display value to Never.

3. Double quotes are not working if I press ' + Shift + Space

New versions of uim have Global Bindings using Space and Shift as accelerators. Open uim-pref-gtk (or uim-pref-qt) and at the Global Key Bindings 1 and Global Key Bindings 2 section edit all shortcuts, removing the assigned keys.

How to Contribute

If you modify this file to improve the compatibility with the original Windows US Intl Behavior, please open an issue in this repo. We'll gladly merge both files after determine those changes will match the usual behavior in Windows, giving credit where due.