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Tapas2Go - Tapas as a Service!

Tapas2Go is a web application built with the aim to showcase the Sping Integration framework. It can be considered as a new rendition of the Widgets & Gadgets ‘R Us (WGRUS) example described on the "Enterprise Integration Patterns" and a homage to the traditional Spanish Bar.

Tapas in Barcelona

How to try it:

  1. Run with mvn tomcat7:run
  2. Send a tweet to @Tapas2Go mentioning the word "menu"
  3. To order something tweet as follows, for example, @Tapas2Go oder tortilla calamares

Please note that the first time you run this application, your local app will process all tweets mentioning @Tapas2Go. We will fix this ASAP.



This project is work in progress and was created for a demo at the BarcelonaJUG. Expect changes!