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04-08-2016 Darkice 1.3 released
o Small bugs fixed by Nicolas Boulenguez <>.
o Bugs related to streaming to remote servers fixed. Patch by Kalle Kulonen
<> and Mark Turner <>.
15-07-2013 Darkice 1.2 released
o Issue #75: Added Ogg/Opus support. Patch by Doug Kelly
o Fix 'Ring Ruffer' reports.
- Increased buffer for jack to 5 seconds
- prevent darkice termination by jack, report no fatal problem when we
have a ringbuffer overflow, can happen during startup
If we can not handle input audio fast enough we just ignore the buffer
and skip it, and just report it.
- new multithreaded connector code, now handles encoders in parallel
and does not spin waiting, cpu load will be very much lower now
Codes uses 2 condition variables to report data availability and
consumer thread availability
- Hopes are that glitching reports will be a thing of the past
- minor compiler warnings fixed
(Fix by Edwin van den Oetelaar)
o Issue #56: Wrong icecast2 password isn't properly reported, fixed.
thanks to Filipe Roque <>
o Issue #57: BufferedSink makes streams invalid, fixed.
thanks to Alban Peignier <>
o Issue #30: Segmentation Fault when creating file with fileAddDate, fixed
thanks to Filipe Roque <>
27-10-2011 Darkice 1.1 released
o Updated aac+ encoding to use libaacplus-2.0.0 api.
thanks to Sergiy <>
o Added pulseaudio support
closes ticket #25
thanks to Filipe Roque <> and
and Johann Fot <>
o Added rtprio parameter and revisited realtime priority
closes ticket #21
thanks to Adrian Knoth <>
o Fixed a call to a deprecated jack call
closes ticket #22
thanks to Adrian Knoth again.
09-05-2010 Darkice 1.0 released
o fixed a bug in BufferedSink.cpp that leads to some buffers
being written twice, causing corruption of datastream,
closes ticked #20
thanks to Edwin van den Oetelaar <>
o implemented samplerate conversion for all codecs using libsamplerate,
and keeping internal aflibConverter as fallback,
thanks to Sergiy <>
o bugfix: fix for alsa driver - closes ticked #8
thanks to Clemens Ladisch <>
14-11-2009 Darkice 0.20.1 released
o added rc.darkice init script
thanks to Niels Dettenbach <>
o bugfix: fix for gcc 4.4
05-11-2009 Darkice 0.20 released
o new maintainer: Rafael Diniz <>
o added AAC HEv2 encoding support (branch darkice-aacp merged) through
thanks to tipok <> and others for the contribution.
o bugfix: the configure script recognizes Ogg Vorbis shared objects
now, not just static libraries. Thanks to omroepvenray.
o bugfix: enabling jack source compilation on Debian Lenny,
thanks to Alessandro Beretta <>
07-07-2008 Darkice 0.19 released
o added mount point option for Darwin Streaming Server
thanks to Pierre Souchay <>
o fix for some reliablity issues when using a Jack source
thanks to Pierre Souchay <>
o enable easier finding of jack libraries on MacOS X,
thanks to Daniel Hazelbaker <>
o added ability to specify name of jack device created by darkice,
thanks to Alessandro Beretta <>
26-04-2007 DarkIce 0.18.1 released
o enable real-time scheduling for non-super-users, if they have
the proper operating system permissions,
thanks to Jens Maurer <>
o fix to enable compliation of the Serial ULAW code on MacOS X,
thanks to Elod Horvath <>
o fix to solve Shoutcast login failures, introduced in 0.18
05-03-2007 DarkIce 0.18 released
o added serial ulaw input device support, thanks to
Clyde Stubbs <>
o improvements on reconnecting:
added TCP connection keep-alive to TCP sockets
added graceful sleep when trying to reconnect
o added user-defined date formatting for the fileAddDate options,
thanks to dsk <>
o added logging facility - [file-X] targets will cut the saved file
and rename it as needed when darkice recieves the SIGUSR1 signal
o added default configuration file handling - if no configuration file
is specified, /etc/darkice.cfg is used
o fix to enable compiling on 64 bit platforms
thanks to Alexander Vlasov <> and
Mariusz Mazur <>
o fix to enable file dump feature using ogg vorbis.
thanks to dsk <>
o fix to enable compiling with jack installed at arbitrary locations
19-05-2006 DarkIce 0.17.1 released
o bugfix: automatic reconnect works more reliably
26-01-2006 DarkIce 0.17 released
o added check for bufferSecs set to 0
thanks to Toph <>
o added realtime parameter to the general section
o added MPEG2 support through the TwoLame library.
thanks to Nicholas J Humfrey <>
22-10-2005 DarkIce 0.16 released
o added AAC support through the faac codec,
o bug fix: icecast2 sections didn't honor lowpass or highpass filters
when using the mp3 format
14-04-2005 DarkIce 0.15 released
o ported to OpenBSD and NetBSD, though real-time scheduling not supported,
since it is not implemented in OpenBSD / NetBSD
o added possibility to downsample from stereo to mono when encoding
to Ogg Vorbis, thanks to Deti Fliegl, <>
o added support for Jack inputs, enabling a lot of interesting usage,
including support for MacOS X.
Thanks to Nicholas J. Humfrey <>
o various improvements by Joel Ebel <>
o added option to turn off automatic reconnect feature
o added IPv6 support, thanks to <>
15-02-2004: DarkIce 0.14 released
o added ALSA support, thanks to Christian Forster
o added fix to enable downsampling from stereo to mono of mp3 streams
when streaming to an icecast2 server. thanks to John Deeny
o removed _X and _Y symbols from aflibConverter files, which caused
a naming collision on Solaris. thanks to Robert Lunnon,
o bug fix: ogg vorbis recording to only a file caused a segfault.
now fixed, thanks to Enrico Ardizzoni <>
07-01-2004: DarkIce 0.13.2 released
o bug fix: two bugs fixed that caused core dump when encoding into
mp3 of FreeBSD. thanks to John Hay <>
o added configure option --with-debug to enable compilation for debug mode
12-02-2003: Darkice 0.13.1 released
o added cross-platform pthread detection, thanks to
Steven G. Johnson <> and
Alejandro Forero Cuervo <>
o added proper detection of netural endiannes for 16 bit recording
o basically these changes allow compilation on FreeBSD
09-02-2003: DarkIce 0.13 released
o added feature for setting the TITLE comment field for vorbis
streams. thanks to Ricardo Galli <>
o bugfix: fixed minor bug in IcecCast2.cpp, which could have lead to
a buffer overflow. thanks to Atsuhiko Yamanaka <>
o bugfix: MultiThreadedConnector::sinkThread() was private, now public
o added fileAddDate configuration option
thanks to Nicu Pavel <>
o added support for big endian OSS devices (like Linux PowerPC)
20-10-2002: DarkIce 0.12 released
o ported to FreeBSD (removed reference to MSG_NOSIGNAL in TcpSocket.cpp)
o bug fix: maximum bitrate setting fixed for Ogg Vorbis streams
o changed internals so that now each encoding/server connection is
a separate thread
o when a connection is dropped, DarkIce tries to reconnect, indefinitely
20-08-2002: DarkIce 0.11 released
o added possibility to specify maximum bitrate for Ogg Vorbis streams
o added HTTP Basic authentication for icecast2 logins
o added mp3 streaming for icecast2
o added possibility to stream in mono even when recording in stereo,
thus enabling mono and stereo streams with the same darkice instance.
only for mp3 streams at the moment
thanks to Kai Krakow <>
o bug fix: resampling audio for vorbis streams bugs fixed
02-08-2002: DarkIce 0.10.1 released
o bug fix: when the last server dropped connection, darkice crashed
thanks to Nicu Pavel <>
o bug fix for LameLibEncoder: the mp3 encoding buffer was deleted too
early, resulting in mp3 data corruption.
thanks to Nicu Pavel <>
20-07-2002: DarkIce 0.10 released
o added possibility to select constant, average and variable bit rate
encoding modes with specifying encoding quality as well.
thanks to Nicu Pavel <>
o added support for Ogg Vorbis 1.0 final, removed support for rc2
o added fault tolerance: if one of several server connection drops,
DarkIce carries on with the rest of the servers still connected
09-04-2002: DarkIce 0.9.1 released
o bugfix: a memory leak was introduced in 0.9, which is fixed thanks to
Kristjan G. Bjarnason <> and Nicu Pavel <>
o minor documentation fix
28-03-2002: DarkIce 0.9 released
o added possibility to simply read from the soundcard, encode, and
save the encoded data into a local file (no streaming server needed)
o added variable bitrate support for vorbis streams
o support for both rc2 and rc3 versions of vorbis libraries
o added support for resampling when encoding to vorbis
thanks to the OSALP project for the resampling class, and
Julius O. Smith, <> for the original code
20-02-2002: DarkIce 0.8 released
o added possibility to disable lowpass and highpass filtering for lame
o fixed incorrect vorbis bitrate setting
o fix: DarkIce now reports public streams correctly
thanks to Tom Gray, <>
o made up-to-date with Ogg Vorbis rc3 libs
thanks to Michael Smith, <>
o made up-to-date with current IceCast2 cvs version
o added local stream dump possibility
19-10-2001: DarkIce 0.7 released
o added support for FreeBSD
thanks to Robin P. Blanchard, <>
o added support for resampling mp3 streams
o DarkIce config file now may contain spaces and tabs as white space
o configure script enables build with or without lame / Ogg Vorbis
also possibility to specify alternate locations for these
18-09-2001: DarkIce 0.6 released
o added support for IceCast2 server with Ogg Vorbis streaming
Ogg Vorbis support thanks to aNa|0Gue <>
o added support for SUN Solaris
o removed long command line options (as these are extensions to UNIX)
o removed configure option to specify location of lame library
o removed configure option to compile static executable
09-09-2001: DarkIce 0.5 released
o added support for ShoutCast servers
o removed local copy of SGI STL, uses STL of the C++ compiler
o compiles with gcc3-c++
o added man page darkice.cfg.5
o bugfix: config files can have comments before the first section
02-09-2001: DarkIce 0.4 released
o support for external command line encoder removed, replaced
with using lame as a shared object or statically linked library
o added darkice man page
o created RPM packages
o DarkIce no longer reports an error if the sound card recording
sample rate could not be set to the exact specified amount
(e.g. the sound card reports 44101 Hz instead of 44100 Hz)
26-08-2001: DarkIce 0.3.1 released
o support for unlimited time encoding
thanks to Jim Crilly, <>
20-12-2000: DarkIce 0.3 released
o added POSIX real-time scheduling
18-11-2000: DarkIce 0.2 released
o code cleanup
o first real tests made
o added verbosity command line option
13-11-2000: DarkIce 0.1 released