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A pyVows extension for test Django projects.

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pyvows is a BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) inspired by Vows for node.js

More documentation about pyvows can be found at the project homepage


This project contains extensions to test Django projects under pyVows.

Using Django-Pyvows

There is no need to modify your project to use Django-PyVows. You only have to create the vows as you usually would, start the server and call your project urls:

from pyvows import Vows, expect

from django_pyvows.context import DjangoHTTPContext

class ContextTest(DjangoHTTPContext):

    def setup(self):

    def topic(self):
        return self.get('/mygreaturl/')

    def should_be_a_success(self, topic):

    def should_return_the_correct_response_type(self, topic):

To work you only need to override the get_settings method from DjangoHTTPContext to return the path of your settings module. The default get_settings returns "settings".

More info:

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