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This Google Chrome extension allows you to add our custom words to a list and have them, automatically, highlighted as you browse the Web
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Word Highlighter

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This is a small Google Chrome extension that allows you to add words or expressions to a list to be later, automatically, highlighted as you browse the Web.


  • Install the extension
  • Highlight the word or expression that you want to add
If you want to remove the word or expession:
  • Click the icon
  • Click the trash icon next to the word or expression you want to remove
  • Refresh the page


  • How many words or expressions can I add?
    • That's really a good question. I haven't tested it so if you find out please poke me.
  • Can I change the color of the highlight?
    • Yes. Yes you can.
  • Can I add a color for each word?
    • Not at the moment. Perhaps on the future.
  • How can I help this project?
    • You can fork this repo, apply your changes and then open a pull request

Known BUGs

  • Google - the extension works the first time you visit but if you change your search term or switch pages it no longer works.
  • Extension popup - once you open the popup you have to click anywhere on the window to fill the color you previously selected on the color picker.

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