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Enables provisioning of PHP QA Tools ( using Puppet 2.6+.
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PHP QA Tools

PHP QA Tools enables provisioning most of the quality tools for PHP using Puppet. Refer to for more information.



Currently, the PHP QA Tools project is provisioning the following tools:

  • PDepend
  • Phing
  • PHPUnit
  • PHP_CodeSniffer
  • Bytekit


From the command line:

$ puppet module install rafaelfc/phpqatools

It will download and install the latest release from the official Puppet Modules Repository, under the phpqatools directory. Watch for the dependency listed in the Modulefile (rafaelfc/pear), in case you run into can't find class pear errors.


Inside of a puppet manifest file (let's call it init.pp):

include phpqatools


$ puppet apply init.pp

Using Hiera with additional coding standard:

    - phpqatools
    - git
        ensure: latest
        provider: git
        source: 'git://'
        revision: 'master'
    ensure: latest
    provider: git
    source: 'git://'
    revision: 'master'
phpqatools::default_standard: Symfony2

Known issues

This module was written to cover only CentOS and Redhat distros (it's tested against CentOS 5.9 and CentOS 6.4). I would really appreciate some help to make it more platform-indepent.


Want to contribute?

  • Fork me on github!
  • Pull requests are very welcome!
  • Submit any issue you might eventually find
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