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This is a complete implementation of Isomorphic Javascript with React + Express
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Isomorphic React + Express 4

Example of a modular structure with Isomorphism using React and Express 4.

Why Modular?

Here's why you should be using/doing isomorphic code:

  • Organization
  • Scalability
  • Maintenance
  • Readability
  • Works great with Agile (Each module a feature? Less code dependency?)
  • Better Testing (Each module could have it's own environment and tests)
  • It solves the search engines problem of indexing JS apps
  • Same code for back and front-end

Things I already implemented (I would love feedback)

  • Package dependencies for each module
  • Shared components (It's React!)
  • Created separated files for each purpose (app, config and middlewares) instead of being everything inside one file.
  • Using nodemon to reload environment
  • Gulp Tasks
    • Compiling, concatenating and compressing SASS with SourceMaps
    • Optimizing Images
    • JSHinting the JS files (works with JSX too!)

Things that are missing

  • Tests
  • Better modular folder structure

Running the project

npm install and npm start to start the server.

gulp to tell gulp to watch for file changes

How it works?

The project was totally inspired on David Wells' project: Isomorphic React Example

You should read his examples and watch his screencast to get a better understanding of how everything's working.

Live Example

Test it yourself

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