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# Vim RTF Pygmentize
-This Vim plugin is used to syntax highlight pieces of code to RTF and it automatically copies it to
+Suppose you will write a presentation using Keynote and needs to converts chunks of code to Keynote without losing
+syntax highlighting. This plugins helps you with that: it converts pieces of code to RTF and copies it to
the OSX clipboard.
It is basically a wrapper around [pygments]( library, and was created to
-scratch an itch while building my keynote presentations.
+help me adding chunks of code to my keynote presentations.
## Dependencies
-For now, this plugin only works on MacOS X but I would be grateful if someone make it works in
-others systems.
+For now, this plugin only works on OS X but I would be grateful if someone make it works in
+another systems.
To use it you will need the pygments library. To install use the easy_install package manager with:
+Before installing this plugin itself, you need to install the pygments library. Do this using this command:
easy_install pygments
## Configuration
-You can configure this plugin using two options:
+There is two available options to configure this plugin:
" Valid options are: 'default', 'emacs', 'friendly' and 'colorful'
@@ -34,7 +38,7 @@ let g:rtfp_font = 'Monaco'
## Usage
-To highlight a file, simply use:
+To highlight a file, you can use this:
@@ -46,7 +50,7 @@ You can also specify the language to use on highlight with:
:RTFPygmentize <lang>
-It also works on visual selections.
+It also works with visual selections.
## Inspiration
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