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rake assets:precompile misses @baseLineHeight #10

wdiechmann opened this Issue Jan 23, 2012 · 7 comments

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Great implementation!

works wonders in development - but when I do a 'rake assets:precompile' - I get

variable @baseLineHeight is undefined

I go to vendor/assets/bootstrap/lib and run

lessc bootstrap.less > ../bootstrap.css

which caters for a freshly baked bootstrap.css - but how do I get that darn thing muscled into the assets?

But again - who am I to complain! This is pretty awesome implementation - thx for sharing!


cc/ @petejkim


let me look into it...


frightfully sorry to pester you day - but the commit does not cut it, which this does indicate

patched the files as per @petejkim (in my oxenserver project) - and rake'd away - unsuccessful

is there any thing I can do to assist?

(I know - I could go get lost, right ;) - but I'm afraid that is not really an option. I really do want to use this in my current project )



The commit does work... It appears that you still have a symlink at vendor/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap. that should not be there.

Make sure you have done the following:

  1. move submodule from vendor/assets/bootstrap to vendor/bootstrap
  2. remove the symlink at vendor/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap
  3. make sure the symlink at vendor/assets/javascripts/bootstrap points to vendor/bootstrap/js
  4. modify config/application.rb and app/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap.css.less as per commit.

shute - misread the commit - my bad :(

don't know how you get to get that kind of 'super' vision on this - freakin' awesome Pete!

thnx a mil for fixing this



no problem. have a good day

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