Wordpress Portfolio/Resumè using Custom Fields Suite
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Wordpress Portfolio/Resumè using Custom Fields Suite

A simple Wordpress Portfolio/Resumè page content using Custom Fields Suite to create a cool form to fill data.

Take a shot:

About it

This is sample implementation, but you can (need) to customize to your own needs/theme. templates/portfolio.php and templates/resume.php are based on Twitter Bootstrap, so your theme must be also based on it. But you can just get the idea and implement your own visual (really recomended!)

My implementation uses Athemes Astrid theme with full Twitter Bootstrap version (the theme uses a custom version, but I want a custom carousel, modal and accordian, so I use the full verstion). Some custom CSS and JS are on css/ and js/ directories.


  1. Install Custom Fields Suite

  2. Import custom fields on Menu -> Field Groups -> Tools -> Import

  3. Add templates (templates/portfolio.php and templates/resume.php) to your theme directory and customize them.

  4. Create a Portfolio page and select Portfolio template. Now you can add content using custom fields

  5. Create a Resumè page and select Resume template. Now you can add content using custom fields

You can add your own fields or remove what you don't need, of course!


Note: Sadly qTranslate-X doesn't work with Custom Fields Suite, so you can see it on screenshots just because my blog is bilingual.