A package that implements the Textmate's 'rmate' feature for Visual Studio Code.
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Remote VSCode

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A package that implements the Textmate's 'rmate' feature for VSCode.


  • Install the package from the editor's extension manager.
  • Install a rmate version


  • Configure the following in VS Code User Settings:

    //-------- Remote VSCode configuration --------
    // Port number to use for connection.
    "remote.port": 52698,
    // Launch the server on start up.
    "remote.onstartup": true,
    // Address to listen on.
    "remote.host": "",
    // If set to true, error for remote.port already in use won't be shown anymore.
    "remote.dontShowPortAlreadyInUseError": false,
  • Start the server in the command palette - Press F1 and type Remote: Start server, and press ENTER to start the server. You may see a Starting server at the status bar in the bottom.

  • Create an ssh tunnel

    ssh -R 52698: user@example.org
  • Go to the remote system and run

    rmate -p 52698 file