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generate ebuilds to the Octave-Forge packages

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Date: %(date)s
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Version: g-octave %(version)s
Manual section: 1
Manual group: g-octave


g-octave [options] <package_name | package_name-version>


g-octave is a tool that generates and installs ebuilds for Octave-Forge packages "on-the-fly" to Gentoo Linux, using Portage, Paludis or pkgcore. It's capable to generate ebuilds and Manifest files for the packages (if needed), and to install them using an autogenerated overlay (named g-octave). g-octave can also handle patches to the packages automatically. The command line interface tries to be very similar to the interface of the emerge(1) tool.

g-octave can use any of the 3 package managers available to Gentoo Linux: Portage, Paludis and Pkgcore.


--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-l, --list show a list of packages available to install and exit
-i, --info show a description of the required package and exit
-p, --pretend don't (un)merge packages, only create ebuilds and solve the dependencies
-a, --ask ask to confirmation before perform (un)merges
-v, --verbose Portage makes a lot of noise.
-1, --oneshot do not add the packages to the world file for later updating.
-u, --update try to update a package or all the installed packages
-s, --search search for packages with some term on the name (regular expressions allowed)
-C, --unmerge try to unmerge a package instead of merge
--scm enable the installation of the current live version of a package, if disabled on the configuration file
--no-scm disable the installation of the current live version of a package, if enabled on the configuration file
-f, --force forces the recreation of the ebuilds
--force-all forces the recreation of the overlay and of the ebuilds
--no-colors don't use colors on the CLI
--sync search for updates of the package database, patches and auxiliary files
--config return a value from the configuration file (/etc/g-octave.cfg)
--list-raw show a list of packages available to install (a package per line, without colors) and exit



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