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from BoundingBox import *
from utils import *
class BoundingBoxes:
def __init__(self):
self._boundingBoxes = []
def addBoundingBox(self, bb):
def removeBoundingBox(self, _boundingBox):
for d in self._boundingBoxes:
if, _boundingBox):
del self._boundingBoxes[d]
def removeAllBoundingBoxes(self):
self._boundingBoxes = []
def getBoundingBoxes(self):
return self._boundingBoxes
def getBoundingBoxByClass(self, classId):
boundingBoxes = []
for d in self._boundingBoxes:
if d.getClassId() == classId: # get only specified bounding box type
return boundingBoxes
def getClasses(self):
classes = []
for d in self._boundingBoxes:
c = d.getClassId()
if c not in classes:
return classes
def getBoundingBoxesByType(self, bbType):
# get only specified bb type
return [d for d in self._boundingBoxes if d.getBBType() == bbType]
def getBoundingBoxesByImageName(self, imageName):
# get only specified bb type
return [d for d in self._boundingBoxes if d.getImageName() == imageName]
def count(self, bbType=None):
if bbType is None: # Return all bounding boxes
return len(self._boundingBoxes)
count = 0
for d in self._boundingBoxes:
if d.getBBType() == bbType: # get only specified bb type
count += 1
return count
def clone(self):
newBoundingBoxes = BoundingBoxes()
for d in self._boundingBoxes:
det = BoundingBox.clone(d)
return newBoundingBoxes
def drawAllBoundingBoxes(self, image, imageName):
bbxes = self.getBoundingBoxesByImageName(imageName)
for bb in bbxes:
if bb.getBBType() == BBType.GroundTruth: # if ground truth
image = add_bb_into_image(image, bb, color=(0, 255, 0)) # green
else: # if detection
image = add_bb_into_image(image, bb, color=(255, 0, 0)) # red
return image
# def drawAllBoundingBoxes(self, image):
# for gt in self.getBoundingBoxesByType(BBType.GroundTruth):
# image = add_bb_into_image(image, gt ,color=(0,255,0))
# for det in self.getBoundingBoxesByType(BBType.Detected):
# image = add_bb_into_image(image, det ,color=(255,0,0))
# return image
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