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📰 CLI to browse Hacker News
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CLI to browse Hacker News



$ npm install -g @rafaelrinaldi/hn-cli


Usage: hn [OPTIONS]

  CLI to browse Hacker News

  $ hn --limit 10 --keep-open

  -v --version              Display current software version
  -h --help                 Display help and usage details
  -l --limit                Limit the number of items to display (defaults to 150)
  -k --keep-open            Wether or not to keep the list open after selecting an item (defaults to false)
     --latest               Sort the list by submission date (defaults to false)


  • By default it will list stories using the same order as seen on HN
  • You can change the list order to display the most recent ones by runnig the program with the --latest flag
  • You can use Vim arrow keys j and k to navigate through the list
  • Use gg to scroll to the first item of the list and G to scroll to the last one
  • Hitting the enter key will open the URL in your default browser
  • Hitting the c key will open the HN comments for that story on your default browser
  • Share an item on Twitter by hitting the t key
  • Hitting the r key will refresh the stories and update the current list
  • A status bar is fixed on the bottom of the screen to provide visual feedback about updates and reading progress
  • Use esc, ⌃C or q to close the program


MIT © Rafael Rinaldi

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