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Handy way to manipulate lists.
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Deprecation notice 🚨

This project is no longer being maintened by me. If you want to take ownership over it, just ping me.


Handy way to manipulate lists with ActionScript 3.0.


  • Single and group items manipulation.
  • Overriding control.
  • Each entry is mapped with an String id. Nothing is anonymous.
  • You can reset a list and start from scratch if needed.
  • Chaining for fast manipulation.
  • Match items by id or value.
  • Option to restrict values by object type.
  • printf support.
  • You can feed the list with XML.
  • You can export the list as XML.
  • Clone and merge support.
  • List is based on String ids but also have an index search/matching.


  • restrict - A Vector.<Class> to restrict values by object type.
  • from - Feed the list with XML data.
  • export - Export list data as XML.
  • clone - Clone the current instance.
  • merge - Merge a list with another one.
  • add - Add a new list entry.
  • remove - Remove a list entry.
  • item - Get a single item.
  • group - Get a group item.
  • index - Get an item based on a numeric index.
  • match - Match some id or value.
  • reset - Start from scratch.
  • toListString - Print the List instance as String.
  • length - List length.
  • dispose - Clear from memory.


// Creating the list.
var list : List = new List("foo");
list.add("name", "Rafael Rinaldi");
list.add("website", "");
list.add("message", "I'm %(name)s and my website is %(website)s"); // Dynamic values supported by printf

trace(list.item("message")); // I'm Rafael Rinaldi and my website is

// Using groups."math").add("pi", Math.PI).add("max", int.MAX_VALUE);

trace("math").item("pi")); // 3.141592653589793
trace("math").item("max")); // 2147483647

// Matching ids.

trace(list.match("message")); // true

// Adding different kind of values to the list.

var bitmap : Bitmap =  new Bitmap();
var point : Point = new Point(10, 10);

function callback() : void {};

list.add("bitmap", bitmap);
list.add("point", point);
list.add("callback", callback);

trace(list.item("bitmap")); // [object Bitmap]
trace(list.item("point")); // (x=10, y=10)
trace(list.item("callback")); // function Function() {}

// Matching values.

trace(list.match(bitmap)); // true
trace(list.match(point)); // true
trace(list.match(callback)); // true

// Adding restrictions by object type."numbers").restrict.push(Number);"numbers").add("one", 1).add("year", 2011).add("one_hundred", 100);"numbers").add("string", "I'm an String");

trace("numbers").item("one")); // 1
trace("numbers").item("year")); // 2011
trace("numbers").item("one_hundred")); // 100
trace("numbers").item("string")); // null

// Getting items by index.
trace(list.index(0)); // Rafael Rinaldi
trace(list.index(1)); //

// List length.
trace(list.length); // 6
trace("numbers").length); // 3

For a complete code reference, check the documentation.



Made with ♥ using FDT.

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