Port of the `pure` ZSH theme to Fish 🐟
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We don't support SSH prompt yet, so I'm removing it so it's not misleading.

See #41


pure Fish Shell Version

Port of the pure ZSH theme to Fish 🐟



Via cURL:

$ # Download the installer to `/tmp`
$ curl -Ls https://raw.github.com/rafaelrinaldi/pure/master/installer.fish > /tmp/pure_installer.fish
$ # Source and trigger the installer
$ source /tmp/pure_installer.fish; and install_pure


$ fisher rafaelrinaldi/pure

Oh My Fish!

$ omf install pure


  • Fully customizable
  • Display current directory tail
  • Display Git branch name
  • Display whether or not the working copy is dirty
  • Display ⇑ if there are stuff to be pushed
  • Display ⇣ if there are stuff to be pulled
  • Display prompt symbol in red if previous command has failed
  • Display the current folder and command when a process is running
  • Display duration of failed process (defaults to 5)


You can tweak pretty much everything in pure by overriding variables in your config.fish file:

# Change the prompt text
set pure_symbol_prompt "~>"
set pure_symbol_git_down_arrow "v"
set pure_symbol_git_up_arrow "^"
set pure_symbol_git_dirty "!"
set pure_symbol_horizontal_bar "_"

# Change the colors
set pure_color_blue (set_color "1e00fd")
set pure_color_cyan (set_color "1e95fd")
set pure_color_gray (set_color "6c6c6c")
set pure_color_green (set_color "66ff66")
set pure_color_normal (set_color "000000")
set pure_color_red (set_color "f820ff")
set pure_color_yellow (set_color "1bc8c8")

# Max execution time of a process before its run time is shown when it exits
set pure_command_max_exec_time 5


Kudos to all our awesome πŸ’› contributors πŸ’›


MIT Β© Rafael Rinaldi