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🔈 Keep sound management intuitive and organized
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Deprecation notice 🚨

This project is no longer being maintened by me. If you want to take ownership over it, just ping me.


Keep sound management intuitive and organized. Using list as base, offer a way to control sound organizing by groups or individual items.

Available callbacks

  • onPlay - Fired when sound is started.
  • onPause - Fired when sound is paused.
  • onStop - Fired when sound is stopped.
  • onCancel - Fired when delay timeout is canceled.
  • onMute - Fired when sound is muted.
  • onUnMute - Fired when sound is unmuted.
  • onComplete - Fired when sound is completed.
  • onError - Fired when something goes wrong with the sound.
  • onLoad - Fired when stream is loaded.
  • onID3 - Fired when ID3 is received.
  • onIOError - Fired when something goes wrong on loading the stream.
  • onOpen - Fired when stream is opened.
  • onProgress - Fired when stream is being loaded.
  • onSampleData - Fired when sample data is received.


// You can add a sound instance.
sound().add("lorem", new SoundLorem);

// You can add a sound class.
sound().add("ipsum", SoundIpsum);

// You can add a sound class definition (make sure the class is instantiated before you add).
sound().add("dolor", "my.pkg.SoundDolor");

// Controling sound items by group.
sound().group("effects").add("explosion", new SoundExplosion);
sound().group("effects").add("shoot", new SoundShoot);
sound().group("effects").add("glow", new SoundGlow);

// Playing once all items inside group "effects" at the same time.

// Playing item "explosion" in loop.

// Playing item "shoot" three times after five seconds of delay.
sound().group("effects").item("shoot").play(3, 5);

// Playing item "glow" and when completed shows a message.
sound().group("effects").item("glow").play().onComplete = function() : void { trace("Just finished playing 'glow'!") };

// Start playing a stream.

// Start playing a stream in a single line. (idea sent via @hankpillow)

function progress( event : ProgressEvent ) : void {
	trace("Loading sound file:" + event.bytesLoaded + " - " + event.bytesTotal);

function load( event : Event ) : void {
	trace("File was loaded!", event);

function play() : void {

function stop() : void {

// Managing global sound (SoundMixer). Stopping all existing sounds, including files who aren't being managed by SoundManager. 

// Adding a simple mute/unmute control to context menu.

For a complete code reference, check the documentation at /asdoc.



Made with ♥ using FDT.

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