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Kanban Sketch Project

This project will be developed by the brazilian software development community during Agile Brazil event ( If you're curious to know how this project came to life access this link on 
Aspercom's blog (pt_BR):

Project Vision

Objective: to easily show examples or just sketch a Kanban on-line. Help the community to share ideas 
about the Kanban/Lean philosophy by drawing it on the Web. Kanban sketch will be like Tobin Harris' 
nice online tool for UML sketching (see

The tool will render something like this file uploaded here:

(credits Henrik Kniberg, Crisp-SE)


Current discussions about Scrum vs Kanban is the primary motivation for this project. To help people 
understand value chain, flow, WIP Limits and process engineering let's full them of examples. With Kanban 
Sketch you can show Kanban state and simulate transitions using web.

Some useful resources:

We at Aspercom are not promoting Kankan (or Scrum) or any "Method War". As Henrik Kniberg says: 
"Compare tools for understanding, not judgment"

Objectives: Release 1 (Jun, 25 - Agile Brazil)

1. Show up a Kanban with simple design
2. Develop a DSL for Kanban sketching
3. Just en_US (as front-end and development language)
4. Validate the concept with some brazilian Kanban experts (like Alisson Vale)

Future Directions

- Better the UX
- Shorter URL
- Generate Kanban images
- Host somewhere

(for more information about the project during Agile Brazil visit Aspercom's stand)


Web DSL based tool to easily demonstrate Kanbans. Built by a group of craftsmen/apprentices at #AgileBrazil event






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